DeWalt DW089k Laser Level Review – Best Laser Level in my Toolbox

What’s up ninja? Are you looking to update your laser leveling tool with one of the upgraded best laser levels on the market or actually to buy your first laser level? Because if you do…I have you covered. Here is my DeWalt DW089K 3 Line/beam laser level review, my favorite laser level tool.

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I’ve used the smaller brother of this DeWalt laser level, the DW088K and I, just like many other people, we are extremely happy with what this little tool can do.

Even though the DW089K laser it’s been out on the market for some time now …  people don’t go very often to buy the new laser level versions like the DW089K, they still prefer the DW088K.

You might ask yourself: “Why?”

Here are three main reasons

  1. Just for your information, the DW088K is a best seller on Amazon, so that is one of the main reasons.
  2. Another reason could be that being a best-seller, the dw088k laser has a lot of positive reviews. Especially from professionals, so that makes the product trustworthy.
  3. And last, the price of course … the DeWalt 088k is cheaper than the new version, the DW089K laser level.

Anyway, enough talking about the old DW088k. Let’s talk about my new favorite laser level…

… I am going to tell you today what I think about the DeWalt DW089K Laser Level and why I like it, so let’s get into it.

By the way, I have an article where I compare the DeWalt DW088k VS DeWalt DW089K and I believe it’ll be helpful for you to check it out and see the differences between the two.

Quick DeWalt DW089K Review Summary

Amazon USAmazon UK
Accuracy+/-1/8inch at 30 Ft or
+/- 3 mm at 9 m
Self-Leveling Range+/- 4 degrees
Weight+/- 4.6 lbs or +/-
Warranty3 years limited warranty
FeaturesMicro adjustment knob
Brighter laser diodes
Laser Line ColorRed
Number of Beams/LinesThree
Working Range50 Ft. or 15 m
Ninja Editor 5 ninjaEditor ratings

DeWalt DW089K 3 Line Laser Level Kit Review On Youtube

Special Features of the Dewalt DW089K laser level

Hint: 3 Beam Laser Level Projection 🙂

I believe this is GOLD. And that is the reason I am giving this laser leveling tool - 5 out of 5 Ninja Stars!

This is what sets apart this laser level from many others. Projecting a 3rd line on your working surface makes this laser level, the best laser level for framing, hands down!

If you ask especially with my friends working with drywall ... they will tell you how this tool made their jobs so much easier. Not to mention the speed of how fast they are building houses and apartments having this tool.

The fact is, that this 3 line laser level it's the perfect tool for Construction Pros and for most Serious DIYers as well.

best feature on the dw089k is the 3 beam laser level

Helps with 90 degrees applications, and I can think of:

  • Setting the layout for kitchen cabinets installation
  • Wall framing
  • Metal studs and Drywall installation
  • Ceiling works
  • Bricklaying
  • Laying out wall tiles and floor tiles as well

And so, so, so many other jobs that you can do with the DeWalt DW089K around the house or on a Construction Site.

Amazing tool ... Amazing Feature!

Pros and Cons of the DeWalt DW089K Laser Level

ProsCons green thumbs red thumbs down
Self-LevelingA bit heavier
than the DW088K
3 Laser Beams/LineMagnets not very strong
3 Year Warranty
Micro adjustment knob
Flexible and Multifunctional
Accuracy distance of 30 ft
(horizontal and vertical)
Working Range 50 ft

Q AND Aquestion and answers for dewalt dw089k 3 lines laser level review

Q: I keep hearing people saying that the laser level is heavy. Is it that heavy?

A: No, it's not.
The thing is if you hear people saying that the dw089K is heavy is because most of us (pros and people who had used laser levels before) we compare the DeWalt DW089K VS the DeWalt DW088K (the smaller and older version).

So, we say it's heavier in relation to the DW088K but it's not heavy at all!

Q: Dewalt laser dw089k best price - What's the best place to buy?

A: Online

In my opinion, the best price for a laser level you'll find it online. Either here on Amazon or any other online store that you like.

Q: Does this laser level project points as well or just lines?

A: Nope, it does only lines.

Q: Can this laser level project green lines?

A: NO!

Q: Can I use this laser level for laminate flooring installations?

A: Yes, this is excellent for that kind of application.

  • Laminate flooring
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Wall Tiles Installation
  • Floor tiles installations

Q: Would this laser level work for ceiling works?

A: Yes, a hundred percent.

I've had some guys lowering the ceiling in my flat and they were using the DeWalt DW089K for that purpose.

As well it's great for electricians. It's good if you want to install many lamps in a row.

Using the laser level will reduce the chance of messing up and make sure that your lamps are all on the same line.

Q: Is the laser line visible during daytime?

A: Yes, it is.

Remember that the dw089k has a diode 2 times brighter than the self-leveling dw088k laser level.

Having said that ... you might be disappointed if you try to use this 3 line laser level in bright conditions. If the sun is out ... you will struggle to see the lines at far distances.

Q: Does this laser level come with a warranty?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Can I hang it on the wall or attach it to a tripod?

A: Yes, all of the above.

  • You can hang it to the wall by screwing the bracket
  • Can be attached to metal surfaces having strong magnets attached to the device
  • Or it can be placed on a tripod as well

Q: Can this item be shipped to Uk?

A: Yes.

If you look underneath the product picture you'll I provide you with links to Amazon US and Amazon UK, click the corresponding link to your country.

Conclusion: Should I buy the DeWalt DW089K?

based on my experience I recommend you tu buy this laser level

The thing is, I am honest in my reviews and I don't care much about the commission I'll make recommending these products...IF I DON'T PROVIDE YOU WITH THE BEST AND HONEST OPTIONS!

So if you want to know if you should buy this laser level, let me put it this way for you:

  • Yes, buy the laser level !!!
    • If you have the budget for it, it's a smart decision, especially for construction professionals
  • No, don't buy the DW089K !!!
    • If you don't have the budget, don't worry. Go for the DW088K Cross Line Laser Level, it will do most of the jobs that the DW089K does ... only cheaper 🙂

The only thing you are going to miss here is the 3 Beam/Line Laser Level Projection...which is a spectacular feature.

If you are doing wall framing or especially if you are working with drywall and kitchen cabinets installations ... this is an excellent tool for those applications.

You are going to make more money because it will help you do the job quickly and move on to the next customer in no time!

But ...

It's not for everyone's pocket ... not to mention its brother, the DEWALT DW0825LG 12V 5 Spot Green Beam/Line Laser, which is even more expensive for projecting green laser lines, but at the same time it's one of the most accurate laser levels out there.

Almost all the time, everything comes down to money. So check the prices (links below) and have a look if it's within your budget or not!

I hope this DeWalt Laser Level DW089k Review was helpful for you ninjas...

Personally, I do recommend to buy the DeWalt DW089K Laser Level ... 100%

Read what more than 300 customers have to say about this laser level

Click Here for Amazon US or Click Here for Amazon UK

2 thoughts on “DeWalt DW089k Laser Level Review – Best Laser Level in my Toolbox”

  1. Awesome post Adrian.

    I loved using the dw088k as well … I’m a handyman and used that tool quite a lot especially installing kitchen cabinets.
    I’ve heard about these new 3 beam laser levels and I was looking for one that is good and people are happy with it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Jonathan, thanks for leaving a comment. I’m really glad it helped.

      I worked as well a lot with the dw088k installing kitchen cabinets on private jobs. I’ve even made a small tutorial on how to use a laser level when installing kitchen units …

      Honestly, if you have the budget go ahead and buy one of this for yourself … it will make your life much easier when you do your jobs for your clients.

      If you have any question …please ask me! It will be a pleasure to assist!

      This is a pic when I was using the DeWalt for installing drywall (excellent for this kind of job)
      DeWalt DW089K Laser Level Review



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