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Below I'll show you couple of pics from my latest DIY project. From Pic 1 and Pic 2 to the ninjaFinishing achieved on this DIY job you will need a few things like:

  • First, get ready, you will need a lot of motivation because this is really hard job. You will need to have someone to help you when you do DIY.

On this particular job I did everything by myself, I know ... crazy. But I don't recommend it, it could harm your health.

  • Another thing you will need is a bit of knowledge about tools and processes or tasks that you need to carry out.

In case you want to do demolition, like I did on my late project that you can see on the pictures below ... I STRONGLY advise you to check your house plans in order to find out if you can knock down a wall or not.

For this step you will probably have to hire an architect to have a look at your house plans ... PLAY IT SAFE!

  • A very important step to achieve this ninjaLevel finishing on your projects is to have the right tools for the job.

I have to confess to you, I did used a couple of cheap rubbish tools like the rotary hammer to remove the wall tiles ... man that almost killed me.

The tool is heavy as it is ... and if on top it’s bad quality it will make things worse because it will take longer for you to finish the task!

So make sure you invest in the best tool for the job. For that purpose we are making articles to help assist with the specific tools that we recommend for the task.

We will give few options anyway, so you can make your choice based on your project and what kind of budget you might have.

Armed with this ... you should be on your way to make incredible ninjaDIY projects ...

If you need help or advice read our articles on our Blog where we are posting regularly “how to” articles and tool reviews.

Knocking down the wall to create an open plan space

DIY demolition 2

Working untill late. 360 bags of hardcore rubbish came out of this flat

DIY demolition

BOOOOM ... there you have it. NinjaLEVEL Finish

diy ninja level

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