The Best Laser Level For Hanging Pictures: Top 4 Picture Hanging Levels

Hello, ninjaDIYer! Are you looking to move some things around and give a new fresh look to your living room? One simple thing to do in order to change the look of your living or any other area of your home is to put up some new or old beautiful picture frames.

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The Best Laser Level
For Hanging Pictures

A great buy for under $50. No wonder it’s so popular! Accurate and simple to use, you’ll get a single laser line that lets you hang pictures in no time. Get this laser level now and start your awesome picture-hanging DIY project TODAY!

Putting up picture frames and making sure they are all perfectly level can be a chore…so in order to assist you with this task I’ve come up with a list of some of the best laser levels for hanging pictures. If you’re not in a rush, then let’s talk about laser levels a bit longer 🙂

best picture hanging laser level

It is time-consuming and nearly impossible to hang picture frames just by using your eyes.

Using a laser level to help hang your favorite pics will make sure that every frame is perfectly straight, and it will save you time and a lot of frustration. Because some of these laser gadgets stick to the wall giving you complete freedom of using both hands.

Compare Some Of The Best Laser Levels For Home Use

Comparison Table

1.Bosch GLL 1P

  • Accuracy: ±3/16″ @ 30Ft
  • Range: ±16Ft-Line/ 65Ft-Dot
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Self-Leveling: No

Top Pick

2.Huepar Box 1G

  • Accuracy: ±1/9″ @ 30Ft
  • Range: ± 100Ft
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Self-Leveling: Yes


3.B&D Bulls Eye

  • Accuracy: ±1/8″ @ 10Ft
  • Range: ± 20Ft
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Self-Leveling: Yes

2 in 1: Laser Level & Stud Finder

4. Hammerhead

  • Accuracy: ±1/4″ @ 30Ft
  • Range: ± 30Ft
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Self-Leveling: Yes

Cross Line With Tripod

Alright, I’m sure that after you’ve just had a quick look at the laser level comparison table, you almost know what you want from your laser level.

What are we going to cover in today’s article …

These are a few points that I want to talk to you about today to help you decide and especially help you learn a bit more about these tools.

Which laser level should you buy to hang pictures?

I’ll share some info that I believe it’s relevant when you do your research to buy the best laser level for a homeowner. So whether it’s a simple pen laser level or a cross line laser level, we’ll talk about it today in this laser level review article.

If you want to find out more in-depth info and find out what is the best laser level for you … check out my ultimate buyer’s guide on how to buy a laser level for your trade or for a specific task that you are planning to carry out.

What to look for in a laser level for home use purposes?

I will have some tips on how to choose an affordable laser level based on what is your purpose of purchasing one of these tools.

Top 4 best laser levels for hanging pictures: Reviews – Specs – Features and More

Now, let’s have a look at each one individually.

Below it’s a review of 4 devices that are selling on Amazon. And I believe that these are good for homeowners. Will do a good job for basic DIY around the house or even for small home improvement jobs.

1. Bosch GLL 1 P Combination Laser Level Review

Top Pick For Hanging Pictures

You can start immediately build your AWESOME wall picture gallery. Get this laser level and you won’t have to worry if your frames are leveled or straight. The GLL 1P will make sure that all the leveling is SPOT ON!

Just set it up and start hanging those beautiful memories on your wall TODAY! Have a look at the great buyer reviews and see more details at Amazon.

This laser projects a bright, single line laser that is easy to use and is versatile. It has a compact design and is great for vertical, horizontal or angular applications.

It is a hand-held level with an easy grip handle that allows for quick and easy alignment. This level also comes with various mounting attachments.

Features and specs of the Bosch GLL

This is overall, easy to use laser device that can be adjusted and use for vertical, horizontal and angular applications. It features an easy grip handle with easy access to the battery compartment. This product comes with batteries.

  • Power Source: ☛ Battery-powered 2 X AAA Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: ☛ 5.4 x 11.1 x 2.5 inches
  • Warranty: ☛ Two Years
  • Accuracy: ☛ ±3/16 In at 30 Ft
  • Working Distance: ☛16 Ft. (Line) 65 Ft. (Point)
  • Weight: ☛ 8.8 pounds
  • Special Feature ☛ Two built-in bubble vials, which provides for more accurate leveling

What people say about it?

Upon reviewing this product, I’ve found that the product has very little adjustments which make it easy for almost anyone to figure out and use.

This product got mostly positive reviews. As always, there are some complaints. Even when it comes to the best products.

The good thing is … you can always go over to Amazon and read a few user opinions or reviews about this laser level.

2. Huepar Green Laser Level Review

Self Calibrating Stud Finder
For Plasterboard Walls

If you want a stud finder that’s cheap, no-nonsense, and easy to use, this CH Hanson magnetic stud finder is for you. 

This laser level projects green laser beams which help see better its laser lines in daylight. It’s really helpful since the lines that this laser level will draw on your walls are at least twice as visible than the normal (red) laser levels.

It’s a FANTASTIC semi-professional laser tool. You can use it for more tasks, not only to hang frames. If you are a very active DIYer, this laser level is for you!

Features and specs of the Huepar Box

This is an overall, easy to use laser device that can be adjusted and use for vertical, horizontal, and angular applications.

It features an easy-grip handle with easy access to the battery compartment. This product comes with batteries.

  • Power Source: ☛ Battery-powered 2 X AA Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: ☛ 5.4 x 5 x 3.3 inches
  • Warranty: ☛ Two Years
  • Accuracy: ☛ ±1/9 In, at 30 Ft
  • Working Distance: ☛(Line): 100 feet (Line with detector): 130 feet
  • Weight: ☛ 1.1 pounds
  • Special Feature ☛ IP54 water/debris resistant; Green Laser Beams

What people are saying about this laser level?

Based on our research, this is an overall great product for what you pay for it. It is perfect for around the house uses but will not give you tradesmen-like accuracy or performance. It could be considered one of the best green laser level for home use. Cheap and easy to use.

Read now on Amazon, what people are saying about this cross-line laser level 

3.Black & Decker BDL190S BullsEye Review

Laser Level & Stud Finder
For The Same Price

Another brand that DIYers and homeowners LOVE is the B&D. The cool feature of this laser is that it can be used as stud finder as well.

This will save you from the NIGHTMARE you’ll have in case you drill or nail a water pipe that’s hidden behind the wall or an electric cable (God forbid).

It’s an excellent multi-tool that every DIYer and interior designer MUST have!

Features and specs of the Huepar Box

This multi-functional laser level it’s probably what you need to buy if you are looking to use it only for this purpose, for hanging pictures or shelves. It does project lines horizontally and vertically.

You’ll be happy to know that this level comes with batteries included and a handy wall mount. It is designed for use in almost any situation where you need precise and accurate lines.

One thing you should keep in mind is that this laser level it can not project multiple lines at the same time. You’ll have to use one line at the time.

  • Power Source: ☛ Battery-powered 2 X AAA Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: ☛ 4.8 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches
  • Warranty: ☛ Two Years
  • Accuracy: ☛ ±1/8 In, at 10 Ft
  • Working Distance: ☛ Up to 20 feet
  • Weight: ☛ 2 pounds
  • Special Feature ☛ Can be used as a laser level and as a stud finder as well

What people say about it?

Many users claim that this laser level is super easy to use and is overall, quite satisfied with this product. Customers have claimed that this product makes a great gift for husbands and handymen alike.

I’ll link you to the reviews section of this item so you can hear some opinions about it.  Read more on Amazon.

4.Hammerhead HLCL001 Laser Level Review

Great Compact Laser Level
To Hang Pictures

This laser level might not be the most known brand … but many home-improvement beginners and DIYers like yourself are using it.

And they’ve spoken very well about it. It comes with an adjustable mounting clamp that will help you attach your device to fixtures. That’s GREAT.

Because you don’t have to buy a tripod. SAVING money. Who doesn’t like that, right?

It is ideal for a variety of domestic applications not only to hang picture frames.

Features and specs of the Huepar Box

This little laser level does not come with a tripod. It has though a clamp that you can attach to a chair or table or something that could help you level your pictures.

It is ideal for a variety of DIY home improvement jobs like

  • flooring
  • tile layout
  • paneling
  • wallpapering
  • hanging pictures of course.
  • Power Source: ☛ Battery-powered 2 X AA Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: ☛ 2.2 x 3 x 3.4 inches
  • Warranty: ☛ 3-year limited warranty
  • Accuracy: ☛ ±1/4 inch at 30 feet
  • Working Distance: ☛ Up to 20 feet
  • Weight: ☛ 1.4 pounds
  • Special Feature ☛ Mini and portable;  Self-Leveling

What people say about it?

Upon reviewing this product, I found that it has received a lot of positive feedback. But don’t forget that you get what you pay for.

Some customers, they’ve had this product and of course, I’m not even going to compare it with DeWalt or Bosch or any of these guys … but it’s not the best quality.

It will do the job for little things like hanging a curtain rod, shelves, upper cabinets in the toilet, etc …

I’ve decided to include it here as a cheap laser-level choice in case you only need to use this tool every now and then. It has received a lot of reviews on Amazon.

Check out now on Amazon what people are commenting about this laser level!

What should I know about laser levels and which one should I buy for hanging pictures?

So what is a laser level?

A laser level is, well, just exactly that. They are a leveling device that uses a laser to draw lines on surfaces to make sure that you get precise measurements and will not have to re-do anything twice ( unless you’ve messed up with the measurements).

The pretty basic stuff you need to know about these tools if the purpose of reading this article is to buy a laser level for home use. If you want to know more, check out my other articles where I go a bit more in-depth.

These are often used by builders and contractors and are meant to help with verifying heights, leveling out a framework, setting up drywall walls and so on. The laser level tool it’s a step up from a regular bubble level.

use a laser level for hanging pictures on your wall will make the job easier and quicker

Is it easy to use?

Yep, very very easy.

Usually, only two buttons that you need to press.

To line up and level your picture frames, you will simply set up your level, line it up with wherever you want to hang your pictures to  in a straight line (some laser levels are not auto leveling so check the bubble spirit level integrated in your device to make sure it’s leveled)

Turn it on and the projector should send a laser beam across the room that is perfectly level.

You can make marks off the laser line, or simply keep the laser running and simply hang your frame along this line

Which one should I choose?

So if it was me, I would go for a high-end product, I’ll choose between some of the best laser levels on the market, where it can cost you a lot of money…but that is based on the fact that I am a professional in the construction industry!

But for the task that we have today, we just need a picture hanging level, nothing to fancy.

Honestly, would be really difficult to recommend only one for you today, since this 4 devices or at least 3 of them are some of the best laser levels under $100 that you can buy online.

Don’t stress yourself too much about it … pick any of the ones that I recommend to you today in this article and you’ll be 100% able to do this simple task with it.

But if I’ve had to choose one … I’d go with the Bosch PLL 1

Here’s a quick video I did to help you out with your decision.

Let me give you a final push in order to help you make your decision.

What should I look for when buying a laser level for hanging pictures or shelves?

As we said already, for this task you don’t need a crazy looking good device in terms of features and specifications. If I buy online these are the things that I would look for on a basic laser level:

1. Are batteries needed?

And if the answer is yes, the next thing I’ll look for is if the batteries are included. After all, if you buy a laser level online and receive it at home, you will want to use straight away and get the job done. But if the batteries are not included you will probably have to wait until you purchase the batteries as well …

… and I personally, I hate that.

I want to start ASAP !!!

2. Can the laser level stick to the wall?

I would prefer a laser level that sticks to the wall, which will make the job much easier giving you the freedom to move around and put your nails on the wall for example. And because it can stick to the wall you won’t need for example a tripod (saving you money)

Some laser levels come with a suction cupthat will attach the device really easy and quick to the wall and others come with a tripod (sometimes the tripod it’s sold separately, don’t forget to ask a seller if the tripod it’s included)

3. Is the brand known?

Take this tip from a PRO…

…don’t waste your money on rubbish tools, even if you’re not a professional. Do yourself a favor and buy from brands that are known on the market. Leave others to test and to try the new brands out there.

If they are good…trust me, we’ll hear about them.

4. The price tag (what I consider to be a decent laser level price for this task?)

Now, don’t forget that what are we talking about today is… what is the best picture hanging laser level.

It’s a very basic task … and that means that you should NOT spend lots of money on a product that you are not going to use on a regular basis like if you are an electrician and need to do ceiling works day in day out, in which case you should have a look at these best laser levels for electricians for some ideas.

But if you are going to use it for other little projects around the house then … take some time and have a look at the better quality laser levels in this article.

Ideally, for a task as simple as the one that we have today … I personally will not spend more than $50-$60 (or pounds if you are in other parts of the world) for a picture hanging laser level.

what is the best laser level for hanging pictures inside pic


Overall, choosing a laser level that is best for you will depend entirely on what you intend to use it for. If you are simply a do-it-yourself type person who needs help hanging pictures, you will most lightly need to find a cheaper laser level that will be easier to use inside the house.

You don’t really need to spend hundreds on this item. You could do if you love to have the best gear, and this is why many of our jobs are done at a ninja level because we have the best tools in our toolbox.

But for this specific task, I don’t recommend you spend too much money on buying a laser level … any of the items we recommend will do the job perfectly. Just think about the future and make the decision based on if you are going to use more often than not … simple!

Regardless, of which level you choose from our best laser level for hanging pictures list, using a laser leveling tool will have you hanging pictures perfectly level and straight in no time.

Remember as well that none of these little tools will help you with a more serious DIY project or on your construction day to day job. If you are looking for flooring laser level or any kind of more advanced project, you should look at these laser levels here.

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Easy To Use Laser Level To Hang Picture Frames

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