DeWalt DW088K VS DeWalt DW089K (What Are The Differences)

Have you used both of these great laser levels already? Or at least one of them? If you did, what was your experience with them so far?

Please drop us a comment below. So today, in this DeWalt DW088K Laser Level VS DeWalt DW089K Laser Level article, I will tell you about 4 main differences that I could find between these two laser levels.

As I said, if you believe there are other significant differences between these two, leave a comment below so we can learn as well from your experience!

So let’s get right into it.

First Difference – Size

dewalt 089k laser level is bigger than the dw088k laser level

The DeWalt089k it’s a little bit bigger than the DeWalt 088k. You can check the comparison table that I’ve put together below with all the differences in size, weight, and everything relevant.

But yes, being a little bit bigger it might be inconvenient for you to use in some tight jobs. It can take more space in your toolbox, the DeWalt DW089K’s case being a bit bigger as well than the DW088K’s case.

But nothing major really.

It’s still small and handy. I didn’t have any problems using the DW089K laser level yet. By the way, here’s my DW089K laser level review post if you want to know more about this awesome laser tool.

Second Difference – Weight

The dewalt dw 089k is heavier than the dewalt dw 088k

Because of the fact that it’s bigger … the weight of the laser level it’s affected as well. So again, check the table down below for you to see the specific data for this one.

It’s heavier, you can feel it just holding both of them in your hands. Luckily for us though, we don’t need to hold the laser level in our hands whilst we are working 🙂

So that’s the good news.

The bad news is that if you don’t secure it properly on whatever you decide to hang it whilst doing your job … and falls down … the chances of breaking the laser level are quite big due to its weight.

Just make sure you set up your laser level properly.

Third Difference – Batteries

dewalt088k is using 3 batteries and dw089k is using 4

The DW088K laser level is using 3 AA batteries whilst the DW089K is using 4 AA type batteries.

So get ready to spend some more money on batteries, because these tools are eating a lot of power.

One tip would be: Switch off the laser level when not used.

Forth Difference – A Third Laser Level Beam

dewalt dw089k 3 line laser level

That’s right.

The DeWalt DW089K is a 3 beam laser level.

The biggest difference that I can see in these both excellent laser levels is that the DW089K projects a third beam laser creating an awesome 90 degrees angle.

Excellent feature this one and that is why the DW089K it’s my preferred laser level at the moment.

DW088K VS DW089K Comparison Table

 DeWalt DW088KDeWalt DW089K
Price and ReviewsSee on Amazon US or UKSee on Amazon US or UK
Dimensions9.7 x 9.2 x 4.4 inches11.3 x 10.6 x 4.8 inches
Weight 1.01 pound or 450 gr4.7 pounds or 2 kg
Self – Levelling green thumbs up green thumbs up
IP RatingIP54IP54
Laser LinesTWO THREE
Range With Detector 165 Ft or 50 m165 Ft or 50 m
Accuracy± 1/8 In. at 50 Ft or ± 3 mm at 15 m± 1/8 In. at 50 Ft or ± 3 mm at 15 m
Laser Level ClassClass IIClass II
Warranty3 Year Warranty3 Year Warranty
Powered by3 AA Batteries4 AA Batteries
Ninja Editor 4 ninjaEditor ratings 5 ninjaEditor ratings

DW088K VERSUS DW089K Laser Level – Conclusion

dewalt dw089k is better than dw 088k

The DeWalt 088K it’s an excellent tool really. I’ve used it for sooooo many projects.

And to be honest, most of my construction colleagues are still using the DW 088K. It’s small, accurate, heavy-duty … and it’s a best seller on Amazon 🙂 Check out this DeWalt DW088K review post I did if you want more information.


If you are a pro, and you love to stay up to date with all the tools and gadgets in the Construction Business or serious DIY … then I will definitely suggest you to think about update your tools and go for the DeWalt DW 089K laser.

It’s really an awesome tool.

So to answer the question I’ve made in the title DW 088K VS DW089K | Which one is better and why?”

The trade that loves this laser level is … the drywall installers. Because when you switch on the third laser beam it creates a beautiful 90 degrees plan. And with that, the drywall installer’s job it’s made so easy.

It’s unbelievable!

You just need to make the measurements, mark everything you need and start creating room extensions and wall framing really, really easy.

Ah, and another thing that I consider a positive point for the DW089K is this:

The laser line that the DW089K projects … it’s TWO TIMES much brighter than the laser lines of the DW089K. It makes it more visible at longer distances and in bright areas.

That’s all for me, if you guys have used both of these laser levels, please comment below and let me know what is your DW 088K VS DW089K Laser Level experience.

I’d love to hear it.

In the meantime …

Stay safe ninjas and Happy DIYing!

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