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What are the BEST Ankle Support Work Boots in 2020 for professionals and DIYers? Let’s find out …

Hello all you professional machinists, handymen, contractors, and DIY hobbyists…

A friend of mine who happens to be new in the construction business recently asked for my opinion on what the best ankle support work boots are. So if you’re looking for a pair of boots that will keep your foot and ankle safe whilst moving up and down at work, I have you covered.

Caterpillar: Best Ankle Support Work Boot
Great boot when it comes to comfort! And not only that but it’ll keep your ankle nice and tight in a correct position saving you from silly ankle injuries. The investment in this pair of boots it’ll be well worth it. It’s my favorite on today’s list … With more than 900 Reviews on Amazon, you can’t go wrong 🙂 Read reviews by clicking below!

I was already writing something about a related topic the other day, the top 7 most comfortable steel toe shoes,  so I said, I’ll do a little article about my buddy’s question as well and recommend him and y’all a good pair of boots.

And … if you’re not in a hurry, EXCELLENT!

Let me talk to you a bit more in-depth about these boots. Now, please remember, these boots are not hiking boots. These are work boots that provide good ankle support.

Anyone who spends their days around construction sites and heavy factory equipment as I do will appreciate the importance of a reliable pair of work boots.

I for one, have had a few close calls and my work boots saved me a great deal of trouble. But it’s not only safety than we should care about … but comfort as well.

And having a great ankle support boot means you’ll feel more comfortable and SAFE doing all those crazy long shifts of 10+ hours a day.

Without much ado, let’s check out the top 5 best boots for ankle support

Compare Some Of The Best Safety Work Boots For Ankle Support

★ TOP CHOICE! ★ 1. Caterpillar Diagnostic Ankle Support Work Boot
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Ankle Protection: Yes
  • ESD Protection: Yes
  • Anti Slippery: Yes
  • Steel Toe Protection: Yes
  • Made of: 100% Leather
See More On Amazon
★ Most Comfortable ★ 2.Timberland PRO TiTAN 6″ Composite Toe Boots
  • Waterproof: No-Water Resistant
  • Ankle Protection: Yes
  • ESD Protection: Yes
  • Anti Slippery: Yes
  • Steel Toe Protection: No
  • Made of: Leather
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★ Amazon’s Choice ★ 3. Skechers Workshire Waterproof Work Boots
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Ankle Protection: Yes
  • ESD Protection: No
  • Anti Slippery: Yes
  • Steel Toe Protection: Yes
  • Made of: Full-grain leather
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★ Best Looking ★4. Dr. Martens Lace-Up Steel Toe Boots
  • Waterproof: No-Water Resistant
  • Ankle Protection: Yes
  • ESD Protection: No
  • Anti Slippery: Yes
  • Steel Toe Protection: Yes
  • Made of: Leather
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★ Heavy-Duty ★ 5. Timberland Endurance Insulated Safety Boot
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Ankle Protection: Yes
  • ESD Protection: Yes
  • Anti Slippery: Yes
  • Steel Toe Protection: Yes
  • Made of: Leather
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★ A Review of The BEST Ankle Support Work Boots ★

best ankle support work boots

1. Caterpillar Diagnostic – Best work boots for bad ankles

★ This Is My NUMBER -1- Choice ★

ninja DIY editor best choice

If you work in construction or related jobs let me tell you that this boot is one of the best boots out there. Construction jobs are dangerous! It’s really easy to get injured. And that must’ve happened to you at some point. This boot will protect you from many hazards like electricity, slippery floors, falling objects and so on … but AS WELL it’s GREAT to prevent ankle injuries. Click now below to find out price and owners reviews!

☛ See Latest Price

Caterpillar Diagnostic Review: Best Work Boots For Ankle Support

These work boots with ankle support will provide you with great support for your ankles and keep you safe and comfortable at all times.

The leather they’re made of is breathable and waterproof as well.

And here’s a nice bonus you’ll get with these boots: a gel cushion technology inserted for extra comfort, especially when you have to stand all day.

Very well-made boots overall!

Many construction boots need a long period to adapt to your feet. The Caterpillar Diagnostic, however, is comfortable from day one.

Although they look bulky, they’re actually quite light.

I believe these Caterpillars are one of the best boots for flat feet. So if you are suffering from this condition, you should consider these boots when doing your research.

☛ Just as a side note, besides all the boots I have to show you on this awesome blog post, I invite you to check out this article I’ve done: DeWalt Titanium Safety Boots Review where I go in-depth about the how good these boots were for as I’ve used them on my day job! Check it out!

Consumer impressions on these ankles support safety boots green thumbs up
The Pros
  • Heel and ankle support
  • Very comfortable
  • Steel shanks for durability
  • 200 grams of thermal insulation
  • Waterproof, full-grain leather upper
  • Superior durability
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber sole
  • Good relation: durability-price red thumbs down
The Cons
  • Best for machine operators, not that good for ground workers
  • Won’t hold water for too long

✮✮✮ Don’t pass up a chance to own a pair of the best boots out there! Head over to Amazon now and check out the latest price.

2. Timberland PRO Titan 6″: Best Stylish Work Boots

2 in 1: Look Sexy And Stay Safe

A very COMFORTABLE boot for any professional that works long hours shifts in the construction or any other industry that requires safety footwear.  Will keep your ankle in place and avoid ankle sprains and other small injuries that are silly BUT painful. An excellent work boot overall with many EXTRA features:  Waterproof, Anti-Slippery Rubber Sole, Leather … and much MORE. Click now below for more details!

☛ See Latest Price

Timberland PRO Titan 6 Inch Work Boot Review

One of the most comfortable work boots you can find anywhere online (or in-store) today. In fact, I believe these Timberlands are the best working boots for construction professionals.

They’re not very cheap, to be honest … but you can expect TOP quality from these pair of boots.

Another thing I love about these boots is that Timberland decided to make these boots with an alloy toe cap protection instead of the standard steel-toe.

Many of you who work long shifts (10-12 hours per day) have said that these boots are perfect for that purpose because they really are comfy and not as heavy as other boots in the same category.

So you won’t feel as exhausted as with other safety boots.

Btw, have you seen this review I’ve done on Timberlands Pit Boss? Please check it out and let me know what do you think!

Consumer impressions on these stylish safety boots green thumbs up
☛ The Pros
  • Very comfortable
  • No stiffness or tight spots
  • Nylon diffusion shank for torsional rigidity
  • Timberland PRO rubber soles for better traction on all surfaces
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking air mesh lining
  • Superior durability
  • Good relation: durability-price red thumbs down
☛ The Cons
  • Toe leather might wear-off quickly (that might not be an issue for many people, but if the boot esthetics is something that you are worried about, then this might be an issue for you)

✮✮✮ Did you like the Timberland PRO? Click here to check out Reviews and Price on Amazon (*quickly before they run out)

3. Skechers Workshire Man & Women Steel Toe Work Boot

Amazon's Choice Work Boot

It looks good and it feels great! Skechers is well-known for making good shoes, and they are gaining terrain in safety footwear as well. This work boot has decent ankle support. And it’s one of the best work boots under 100 bucks that you can find out there. It comes in different colors and sizes making sure you get one that you like! Don’t buy until you’ve seen some reviews on Amazon as well. Click below for more!

☛ See Latest Price

Sketchers steel toe work boots are among the best-selling in this category and for a good reason.

The work boots provide advanced protection and unrivaled comfort with the Skechers Work Relaxed Fit.

This refers to the shoes’ memory foam technology on parts of the insole that makes walking and working in these boots very comfortable. The shoes are made of smooth, high-quality full grain leather that is waterproof and oil resistant.

The upper portion has a lace-up design that allows you to wear these boots as tight and comfortable as you want. Some customers are even using these as hiking boots.

The tread pattern is something straight out of a classic work boot and you can look forward to superior grip and anti-slippage even on the most challenging of surfaces.

And the steel toe box is built tough to withstand a dropping force of 200 joules and a resting mass of 1000 kilograms.

Consumer impressions on these work boots with steel toe cap green thumbs up
☛ The Pros
  • The oil and water-resistant traction rubber soles negates the risk of slipping and falling in high-risk environments.
  • The memory foam insole adapts to the natural contours of your feet which goes a long way in boosting the comfort levels over extended periods of time.
  • Bing OSHA approved, the steel toe box in this pair of work shoes can stand up to impact from falling items and heavy loads which would otherwise inflict crippling injuries.
  • For an ankle support work boot, the Sketchers Workshire Steel Toe boots are light weighing at 2 pounds. This makes them perfect for extended work periods.
  • Good as hiking boots red thumbs down
☛ The Cons
  • The memory foam only covers part of the foot and you might need to replace the insole to experience improved comfort.
  • They might break easily if you work in harsh environments like construction.

✮✮✮ AND REMEMBER, always see more than one opinion before you buy your work boots. Read here what people say about these boots on Amazon.

4. Dr. Martens Men’s Winch Cushion Safety Toe Boot

Amazing Looking Work Boots

This boot looks amaaaaaazing! There’s not too much I can say about Dr. Martens 🙂 World-Known for being a Top Quality boot, I’m sure you know that. Again, just like the others, it will provide you good ankle protection. It’s very well built. Awesome FEATURES like Waterproof, Steel toe cap, Quality Leather and much more … check out the price and other thoughts from owners on Amazon. Just click on the button below!

☛ See Latest Price

The first impression you’ll get looking at these safety work boots is the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Dr. Martens Men’s Safety Toe Boot does not look cheap, not by a long stretch.

The boots are made out of high quality industrial oiled Wyoming leather that easily stands up to wear and can take a beating and still look good.

An air-cushioned heavy-duty PVC sole completes the rugged look while ensuring a superior grip on any slippery surface you might be working on.

All materials used are electrostatic-charge dissipating which protects the wearer from charge buildup or exposed electrical circuits.

The boots feature a padded ankle support collar and a breathable mesh construct that keeps your feet aerated and fresh.

The EVA insole is removable which is great if you wash it and avoid bad smell. 

Consumer impressions on these safety steel toe cap boots green thumbs up
☛ The Pros
  • The soft removable EVA insole inserts provide unprecedented comfort levels from a heavy-duty work boot. For people working long hours on construction sites, factories and machine shops, comfort is a huge selling point alongside reliable safety features.
  • Dr. Martens Men’s Safety work boots are OSHA approved and conform to ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH standards meaning the shoes provide sufficient protection even in tough and demanding construction/factory sites.
  • The Wyoming leather used to build these work boots is waterproofed while the heavy-duty rubber soles feature a tread pattern that easily grips onto any surface you’re working on. The quality of build is also reflected by the high consumer ratings. red thumbs down
☛ The Cons
  • Weighing in at 4 pounds, these ankle support work boots are quite heavy. For people who cover large distances back and forth, weight is a huge factor.
  • Although excellent in indoor surfaces, the grip on these ankle support boots doesn’t hold in outdoor icy conditions. In my findings, some consumers describe working in these boots in icy conditions as being “dangerous’.

✮✮✮ OVERALL this boot is awesome. IF YOU DON’T  BELIEVE ME  go ahead and check for yourself the REVIEWS section on Amazon.

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance 6inch PR Work Boot

BadAss Ankle Protection Boot

Yes, the second Timberland boots on my today’s list. With over 620 REVIEWS on Amazon, it’s impossible to overlook this awesome boot. It comes with crazy looking features like Puncture-resistant plate for underfoot protection. Anti Fatigue Technology Comfort System designed exclusively to deliver you added strength and stamina. TONS of other features that you can find in totality on Amazon. Read ALL by clicking on the below button.

☛ See Latest Price

Timberland work shoes and boots are built tough, but none come close to the Endurance PR Work Boot.

These ankle support work boots are built to take on pretty much anything you throw at them.

Designed and built specifically for people who spend long extended periods on their feet, the Timberland men’s Endurance work boots redefine comfort.

They feature Timberland’s proprietary anti-fatigue technology designed to absorb shock and ensure maximum comfort on key areas of the foot all through the day.

It doesn’t end there; the boots also feature a breathable mesh with an antimicrobial lining which helps with odor control.

The boots have a rugged look and nothing says tough than the Timberland pro endurance work boot.

Consumer impressions on this best men’s boots for ankle support green thumbs up
☛ The Pros
  •  The steel toe box provides superior protection against dropping objects and is designed to give a comfortable fit even to people with wide feet.
  • Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance work boot has a midsole insert that is puncture resistant meaning you can work with confidence knowing your feet are safe from both impact and puncture injuries.
  • These work boots are waterproof and slip-resistant thanks to an added oil, water, and abrasion-resistant rubber soles. They are perfect for working on often challenging surfaces that may range from construction sites, factories, bakeries, and machine shops.
  • There is an inbuilt electrical hazard protection feature that works by dissipating charge buildup and insulating the wearer from exposed electrical circuits. This makes the Timberland Endurance work boots perfect for electricians and people who work around exposed wiring. red thumbs down
☛ The Cons
  • These ankle support boots have a 30-day return window which is rather short. There have been concerns about the gradual decline in build quality over time.

✮✮✮ WHY WAIT? Get yours today and avoid getting that ankle injured! If you’re not 100% convinced, IT’S FINE! Go over to the Reviews section on Amazon and read a couple of more owner opinions before you decide!

How To Lace Boots For Better Ankle Support

Last Thoughts On These Great Boots For Ankle Support

In summary, all three ankle boots discussed above represent the best ankle support boots on the market.

Regardless of what your personal preferences as far as the three as concerned are, you can’t get it wrong.

All five provide unparalleled comfort and safety in any working environment.

The Sketchers Workshire steel toe works boot scores major points on practicality and its weight of only two pounds.

Dr. Martens safety toe boot’s main selling point is in the air-cushioned outsole and the tough, durable Wyoming leather.

Timberlands…are always “the sexy” boots 🙂 … awesome aesthetics and great features but in this case, they are as well great work boots with good ankle support.

The top spot, however, for the best ankle protection working boots goes to the Caterpillar Diagnostic.

These ankle support boots offer unrivaled levels of safety as far as puncture resistance and impact protection go. The comfort features of these work boots demonstrate how much thought went into the design.

I highly recommend you to get yourself a pair of these work boots and experience top-level comfort and safety.

What do you think of my choices? Do you agree?
Or do you have other options?

Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Thanks for reading, until next time …

…Stay Safe Ninjas And Happy DIYing!!! 🙂

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