Dewalt Titanium Boots Review | ATTENTION: Don’t Buy These Safety Boots Before You Read This

Hello, ninjaDIYers and Construction PROS! In today’s’ article, DeWalt Titanium boots review, we’re gonna talk about a great boot that pleases many people!

And we’re gonna find out why!

If you’re looking for a new steel toe work boot for DIY or for your construction-related job, let me take you through what this awesome boot can offer you!


Here we go…

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dewalt titanium boots

This DeWalt Titanium boot it’s not only going to keep your feet safe from penetrating objects like nails for example. But it will keep you COMFORTABLE as well. All day long. It’s a high boot and if you have weak ankles, this safety boot is a great option for keeping your ankle safe into a correct position and avoid injuries. An excellent work boot overall with tons of EXTRA features: Waterproof, Anti-Slippery Sole, Leather … and much MORE. Click now below to check availability for your size!

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And if you’re not in a rush … I’m so happy because you can actually read this whole article that I’ve put together for you!

Btw, before we go in, just want to let you know that when you finish reading this article and maybe you want to check out another boot…

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Please check it out later!

Let’s see some more in-depth details, features, specs, and my experience with this steel toe boot.

Dewalt Men’s (or Ladies) Titanium Safety Boots Review

dewalt titanium safety work boots review

DeWalt Titanium Boots Size 9: Unboxing And First Impressions

I was really keen to get my hands on these boots because many colleagues of mine have mentioned to me how happy they are with their boots.

Not to mention that on Amazon these boots have over 250 reviews to date and it’s growing. If you click on this link you’ll be redirected to Amazon where you can read for yourself what these people are saying!

unbloxing my new work boots from dewalt

Once you open the box of your brand new boots, you’ll see these amazing looking safety boots.

My first impression is that the construction of these boots is TOP QUALITY!  

Here’s a video I put together on my NinjaDIY channel for the unboxing of this DeWalt men’s work footwear.

Even though it’s made in China, these guys at DeWalt haven’t compromised on the quality of the materials they’ve used to build this work boot.

It seems to be a very rugged boot  (UPDATE: and I confirm it really is though after I’ve used for a few months).

It has a very nice design as well and you can find it in different colors: Honey, Tan (or you might find it as Whiskey Galactic haha, nice name for a color)

Feature, Specs And Review Ratings Based On My Own Experience

some of the best features of the dewalt titanium

Here are a few features and specs of this Men’s DeWALT Footwear Titanium:

  • Full-grain tan leather upper
  • Waterproof and breathable Sympatex membrane inner lining
  • Steel toe cap protection
  • Steel midsole protection
  • Padded tongue
  • Padded collar
  • PU Comfort insole
  • TPU dual density outsole
  • Penetration resistance
  • Antistatic footwear
  • Ankle Support
  • Good choice for people with flat feet condition
  • Oil Resistant/Slip resistant

dewalt titanium features

Built And Material Used To Make This Boot

This safety footwear is manufactured using both synthetic and natural materials which conform to the highest international standards to provide you with the best performing and the most quality boots possible.

Safety Features Of The Sole

If you work in areas with wet ground, grease or oily surfaces, these boots will have a good grip and will keep you safe from injuries from slipping.

The safety toe cap will protect you from falling objects and crushing when you work on a construction site and any industrial or commercial environments.

Another great safety feature is the penetration resistance. Two generic types of penetration resistant insert are currently available in this safety boot.

Metal and non-metal. Here are a couple of advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Metal
    • Is less affected by the shape by the shape of the sharp object/hazard (like the diameter, geometry, sharpness) but due to shoemaking limitations does not cover the entire lower area of the shoe.
  2. Non-Metal
    • It may be lighter, more flexible and provide greater coverage area when compared with metal but the penetration resistance may vary more depending on the shape of the sharp object/hazard (like the diameter, geometry, sharpness)

Antistatic Footwear? Yes Please !!!

You should wear antistatic footwear if it’s necessary to minimize electrostatic build-up by dissipating electrostatic charges, thus avoiding the risk of spark ignition of, for example, flammable substances and vapors.

Trust Me!!! You Don’t Want To Be This Guy ( ME NEITHER … WOW)

NO!!! That’s not an edited video … that IS REAL life!

As well, you should wear these type of boots if there’s a risk of electric shocks from any electrical apparatus or live parts has not been completely finished.

I can bet dollars to doughnuts that after you’ve watched this video, you’ll only want to buy boots that have this Antistatic Feature 🙂

Am I right?

It’s so scary, even just by watching at the video, that this could happen to you as well.

And yes, this DeWalt Footwear it’s antistatic. 

Even though this boot has antistatic benefits, you should be careful though.

In some occasions or in some environments, this boot will NOT protect you as well, for example, if you work in basements, sewers and similar wet areas … you should proceed with caution when doing electrical jobs for example.

The Titanium On The Inside

arch support

This is the insole that comes with the boot.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how comfortable this standard insole was.

It even comes with arch support and is antibacterial.

Having said that …

… I ALWAYS, ALWAYS buy a new pair of heavy-duty insoles for my boots like these Dr. Scholls from Amazon (for commodity)

Since I’ve discovered how great they are helping with absorbing the shocks and reduce muscle fatigue, I keep buying them like every 3-4 months.

100% recommended[wpsm_titlebox title=”Dr Scholls Gel Insole” style=”1″]


Are They Comfortable? Can I Work Long Hour Shifts On These Boots?

Well, to be honest, they look a little bit big.

And if you have never worn high boots before they might be a bit uncomfortable for the first couple of days.

Even though the collars are padded they were bruising my legs for the first week or so.

The first week I felt very unhappy about that.

But once I’ve got used to them …

… these safety boots are very comfortable!

They need breaking in.

Are you a woman in the Construction Industry?

If you are a lady in the construction and looking at these safety boots, I have to tell you that it might be a bit heavy at first.

But once you get used to the weight … you’re going to love them!

After using these boots for a few months now, I can confidently say that they are as comfortable as they say they are.

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I’m sure you believe me, but you can always check out what other people are saying about these boots on Amazon. Click below to find out the price and availability for your size!

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☛ Here’s something you MUST know if you have wide feet: DO NOT BUY THIS BOOT IF YOUR FOOT IS WIDER THAN THIS! (see picture below)

As you can see in the picture above, my foot is about 4 inches wide and I’m right on the limit of the toe cap. If you have a wider foot than mine the toe box will create a lot of pain or discomfort.

Your toes will have no space to move freely.

Thank me later 😀

Maintenance Of Your New DeWalt Boots

To ensure the best service and wear from your footwear, it is important the boots are regularly cleaned and treated with a good cream for work boots.

The manufacturer suggests not to use any caustic cleaning agents.

If you work a lot in wet conditions, you should, after use, to allow the boots to dry naturally in a cool, dry area and you should not force the drying process as this can cause deterioration of the upper material.

Me personally, I don’t have time for this type of maintenance anymore. I’m so busy and when I get home, THE LAST I want to do is to clean my boots.

I use the boots until they’re dead 🙂

In the past, I use to have two pair of boots. One at home clean and ready to go. And another one at work, full of durt.

Every month I would swap them so I can wash the one I was using with the clean one. Doing it this way, yes, you can take care of your safety boots.

But lately  I don’t have time for that either … so I just use a pair of boots until they’re unusable.

Consumer impressions on this great safety-boot green thumbs up
The Pros
  • Waterproof
  • Ankle Support
  • Accurate sizing (if you buy online)
  • Lots of safety features
  • Flexible sole
  • S3 Rated
  • Very comfortable
  •  Arch support red thumbs down
The Cons
  • A bit heavier than the normal safety boot. But it’s really comfy for how heavy duty it is.
  • For me, it needed breaking in.
  • There’s no option for black color (that’s a shame for those who like black boots)

Conclusion And Last Touches On This Great Work Boot

DeWalt boots size 9

Here’s the thing!

There’s no such thing as THE PERFECT product.

And that applies to this DeWalt Titanium work boot as well. There are some complaints about it, but nothing major really.

I personally (and hundreds of other PROs) love these boots and I was using them when I wrote this review article (March 2019).

  • Comfortable
  • Good looking
  • Lots of safety features
  • Good quality

This is no brainer! Great features and Top Quality boot.

Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe me!

I hope this DeWalt Titanium safety boots review article provided you with some great insights based on my own experience using these boots.

And, if you want to buy one for yourself, I think you can make a good decision based on what I’ve shared with you here today.

Do you think I’ve missed something? Is there any specific thing you want to know about them?

Why don’t you leave me a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Thanks for reading and until next time…

…Stay Safe Ninjas And Happy DIYing! 🙂

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[wpsm_bar title=”Safety Features” percentage=”89″ color=”#732020″]
[wpsm_bar title=”Waterproof” percentage=”81″ color=”#732020″]
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2 thoughts on “Dewalt Titanium Boots Review | ATTENTION: Don’t Buy These Safety Boots Before You Read This”

  1. Hi Adrian. thanks for this great review of the Titanium boots man.

    I was looking for some new safety boots for my day job and to be honest never worn Dewalt boots before.

    After reading your review I decided I should give them a try. By the way, this post is great, very detailed and hepful. I gave it 5 starts. Hope it helps 🙂 thanks again, Jack

    • Happy to hear that JAck. Thanks for stopping by man and for leaving such a nice comment.

      I do my best to put out awesome and helpful content for you guys so it’s rewarding for me to read such feedback.

      If you have any questions about the boots or any other thing related … please get in touch. I’ll do my best to help you out!

      Enjoy your new DeWalt safety boots : ) I hope you’re happy with them as I am. The more I wear them the more I like them. Remember to change your insole every few months (for comfort and to avoid the smelly feet)

      Thanks again for the feedback !


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