How To Use A Laser Level To Level Ground (Explained For Beginners)

A laser level is used for many projects in construction in order to make sure everything is perfectly leveled and accurate to avoid future complications with whatever you are building.

Anyone can find a use for a laser level, as it is beneficial for any project, big or small.  You can find inexpensive laser levels for easy jobs around your home or these top laser levels for construction that might cost a fortune. More important though is that you can find a laser level for all budgets online today. So today we’ll have a look at how to use a laser level to level ground.

It’s an easy job and a job that I enjoy a lot to do … once you know how to do it!

If you are using a traditional level such as the pendulum or spirit level, it might be time to upgrade. A laser level combines the positive benefits of classic levels into what you might consider a ‘super level’ to get the best results.

It might seem complicated at first, as it is a different process than using your traditional level. However, with the right information, a laser level will be your new best friend in terms of making sure your ground is 100% level.

Why the rotary laser will be your best option

some of the best laser levels on the market for construction professionals

As we evolve, so does our technology. The old-school level that uses a bubble in liquid still has some good use in it, but a rotary laser level now holds the spot for the best level to use for large projects and heavy duties. A laser level will save you time, money, and labor.

Gone are the days that you have to use a pencil and mark up the floor or walls, the laser will guide you through it all.

The amazing thing about rotary lasers is their capability to provide 360 degrees of light that can show all levels inside or grading levels on the outside.

It can be helpful for projects as intricate as building an outdoor pool or deck, and simpler projects such as mounting something large on the wall. The beam is everywhere, so all you need is a detector or your eyes.

How to use a laser level before starting the task of leveling your ground

how to set up a laser level to level ground

For new users of a laser level or a rotary laser level, the task might seem daunting. Luckily, after your purchase, there are only a handful of small steps you need to take to accomplish proper ground leveling, and the steps are simple enough that even an inexperienced user will be able to figure it out.

First and foremost, you will want to know how to actually use the laser level before you attempt to level a ground area.

To begin, you’ll want to set up your laser level on either a flat surface or a tripod. There are both manual levels and self-leveling models. If you have a manual leveling laser level, you’ll need to make sure the bubble is level.

If it isn’t, you’ll need to locate the small screws by the vial and adjust them until the bubble vial is shown to be level. If it is self-adjusting, give it a minute to adjust and self-level.

You get the point. We need to make sure it’s accurate.

The next step is noticing how the unit releases the laser which will appear on your wall or anywhere your workspace may be. The laser will either show as multiple lines, a single dot, or a horizontal/vertical 360-degree level rotary laser.

The laser may be hard to see outdoors, so sometimes a laser detector is necessary to ‘catch’ it. If you use a detector, connect it to the measuring rod.

When the detector has found the laser, you will hear a beeping. You’ll need to move the detector down and up to find it. When you hear the beeping (or if you are inside you will see it) you have found your level. Make your measurements are as needed after securing the detector to the rod.

How to level your ground

how to use a laser level to level ground using a leica rugby laser level

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the laser level is, options you have, its basic setup, and how to use it, you can now perform a ground leveling to begin your project and complete it without error.

Here is how to use a laser level to level ground

    1. Get your tripod and laser level, then set it up on a stable and flat ground.
    2. Turn your laser level on and give it a minute to self-level. If your product doesn’t self-level, then follow the previous setup step of adjusting the screws until the bubble is leveled.
    3. Choose your desired height on the ground.
    4. After this point of height is detected, put your measuring rod and laser detector together; placing the measuring rod towards this point.
    5. Move the detector up and down. You will hear beeping shortly after which means level has been found.
    6. You will want to tighten and secure the detector and the pole together, then find a different spot on the ground where the height intercepts with the laser.
    7. When the interception is found, you can either build a pile of soil or dirt to meet the height you desire or simply by making a mark on a stick or if you have a paint spray.
    8. You will want to repeat the past seven steps until you have many reference points that will enable you to completely fill the area.

Always remember that this shouldn’t be a 5-minute process, it takes time and patience.

You may need to continue adjusting and perfecting certain aspects, but when your project is completed and is perfectly leveled you won’t regret taking the time to purchase and use a laser level to level your ground to perfection.

This a good video about how to use a laser level to level ground, check it out

For this type of project, you can’t really use just any laser. You might think: “Oh, it’s for my home, I can use a cheap laser version for this task ” … and our ninjas strongly advice against this kind of idea. Either has a contractor to do it for you where he will have all the PRO tools … or invest in a decent laser level for your project, you will end up using it for other stuff anyway.

So In case, you don’t own a laser level already this is our ninjaRecomendation for you today

DEWALT DW0811 Self Leveling 360 Degree Line and Vertical Line Laser

This one it’s a decent laser level for the money. It could be a good laser level for some builders, but it’s limited.

Click HERE to see what customers are saying about this little tool on Amazon

Ridgeyard Green Beam Fully Automatic Rotary Rotating Laser

Some of the best outdoor laser levels that you can buy online. It’s not expensive and it’s really good quality.

Read here what users are saying about it on Amazon

This is the laser level we have used and we are using for professional jobs … it might be a bit expensive for a small groundwork company … but if you have the budget … definitely, check this Leica laser level. Top of the range!

Best outdoor laser level for professionals Leica Rugby 810 laser level
Just out of curiosity … Click HERE to see details about this tool


We don’t want to make it hard for you to choose so this is it … choose between these 3 items and you will be 100% equipped to do the job. The main difference between the first two is the price. (Leica it’s at another level, I won’t even dare to compare it with the first 2 options, but if you have the budget … go for it)

That’s all … so depending on how much money you want to spend … you’ll base your decision on that.

If you really are a groundworker badass and know how to operate an excavator, you could stick a laser level for excavators on your digger’s arm and you’ll be able to do this ground leveling task all by yourself.

We do hope that our how to use a laser level to level ground article helped and do not hesitate to get in touch with our ninjas in case you have doubts or for whatever reason. As well you could leave a message if you want. If we could do this article better or more complete please feel free to let us know your opinion and thoughts in the comments.

Stay safe ninjas and Happy DIYing!

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