What Are The Best Professional Stud Finders For Contractors?

Are you an electrician, plumber, builder or DIY enthusiast looking to get your hands on the best professional stud finder that the market has to offer today? Well, you’re in luck.

In today’s article, we’ll be sampling a selection of stud finders that are in my opinion, a worthwhile pick to anyone looking to take the guesswork out of drilling tasks. I have selected some of the most reliable stud finders on today’s market that’s best suited to use by a top professional like yourself. With some of the most trusted names in the business on this list, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Most stud finders pretty much have their tasks cut out for them. It’s in the name. However, there are some designed to go beyond their traditional mandate of finding studs.

This class of stud finders can detect live AC wires, pipes and even detect different types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

This kind of information is vital when carrying out drilling tasks as it minimizes the risk of personal injury and damage to underlying plumbing. As such, stud finders can be classified as being right up there with other precision construction tools.

Here’s My Selection Of 5 Best Stud Finders For Professionals

1. Walabot DIY Cell Phone Wall Scanner for Studs, Pipe, and Wires.

Excellent For Cell Phones

In my opinion, I believe that once people discover this tool, it will quickly become the best stud finder for professionals and DIYers. It produces a visual image of what’s behind the wall so you don’t have to guess anymore! Read more opinions and reviews on Amazon about this tool by clicking below.

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The Walabot DIY In-Wall Imager is designed for electricians, plumbers, civil engineers, and DIY enthusiasts.

The set is powered by a scanner that plugs into a smartphone via a USB cable. The sensor array is capable of penetrating up to a depth of 4 inches into walls, and ceilings and locate studs, metal pipes, plastic, and electrical wiring. The setup works using an Android app that gives the user a visual representation of what the imaging device picks up behind walls, tiles or concrete boards.

Walabot DIY stud finder Features

  • Precision Radio Frequency Technology.
  • The Walabot DIY In-Wall imager detects studs, pipes and electrical wiring using Radio Frequency Technology.
  • The RF feature allows it to detect a variety of materials behind a wall or surface you intend to drill or carry out repairs on.
  • The device delivers an impressive degree of precision and is a must-have tool for any professional who values accuracy.

Walabot DIY Versatility

Being one of the best stud finders for plaster walls, the Walabot DIY In-Wall Imager has multiple scan modes which include picture mode, tangle mode and raw image mode which shows a red splotch on the phone’s screen even when it’s not placed against a wall.

Depending on the scan mode, you can vary the clarity of output to correctly determine stud or pipe locations. The device can also help you detect rodents or other small annoying critters.

Is Walabot Easy to Use

The Walabot DIY In-Wall imager is designed to be as easy to use with the most accurate results as possible. The device is simple enough to set up and configure any amateur contractor or hobbyist would manage it. You simply connect the scanner to your phone, configure the device and get to work in no time.

Walabot Consumer Impressions

  • The unit is built to work seamlessly with Android smartphones. This makes it a powerful tool that professionals and hobbyists can rely on at any time.
  • The Walabot DIY imager is relatively easy to configure and operate. The Android app’s user interface is user-friendly and quite easy to work with.
  • This stud finder is a feature-rich tool that offers impressive versatility and functionality at an affordable price.

  • The device only works with Android smartphones.

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2. Zircon StudSensor HD70 Stud Finder

Good for electricians

It comes with some nice features to make the job of finding studs around the wall so much easier. Two stud scan modes find the center, edges, and direction of wood and metal studs while also alerting you to the presence of live AC electrical wiring. Read more opinions and reviews on Amazon about this tool by clicking below.

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The Zircon brand is synonymous with high-quality equipment and the HD70 is a testament to this fact. This Zircon HD70 is a device built to detect live wires, studs, and other metals in ceilings, concrete, and gypsum walls. It detects and enables you to precisely locate water pipes, electrical wiring, and reinforcement rods. You can use the Zircon StudSensor HD70 stud-finder in a variety of professional and DIY applications that require precision.

Zircon HD70 Key Features

Live AC Wire Detection
The device has an inbuilt live current-carrying wire detection feature that notifies you of the presence of live, unshielded electrical AC wiring.

The Wire Warning Detection feature is available in all scan modes and can detect live wires at a depth of up to 2 inches.

Auto Correcting Technology (ACT™)
The Zircon HD70 is fitted with Auto Correcting Technology that automatically corrects user errors such as initiating the scan over a stud. The feature is designed to prevent calibration errors ensuring a significant improvement in the accuracy of the scan results.

StudScan and DeepScan Features
The StudScan and DeepScan modes are designed to locate the edges, find the center and direction of wood and metal studs. In both modes, the device is capable of finding studs at a depth of up to 3⁄4 of an inch.

Consumer Impressions On This Zircon Stud Finder

  • The HD70 is built using tough, durable plastics that complement the tool’s aesthetics. It is both comfortable to use and handle over extended periods of time.
  • The device is powered by 9volt replaceable alkaline batteries that last long with fair usage.
  • The device comes with a full year’s worth of warranty from the manufacturer from the date of purchase.

  • The quality of the LED display is rather wanting.
  • At some angles, it is hard to read the data on the screen.

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3. Franklin Sensors FS710PRO ProSensor 710+ Professional Stud Finder

Great for Plaster walls

One of the winning points of this stud finder is that unlike most stud finders on the market that uses 1 or 2 sensors to detect studs, the Franklin 710+ uses 13 sensors at the same time to find those studs behind your walls. Read more opinions and reviews on Amazon about this tool by clicking below.

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The Franklin ProSensor 710 features a whopping 13 sensors that simultaneously detect studs.

A combination of this array of sensors eliminates the need to calibrate the device, a necessary step in most other brands of stud finders.

The device is ready to go immediately you power it on. The ProSensor 710 is built to detect multiple studs at the same time while accurately displaying the center and edges of studs simultaneously.

Key Features of the Franklin Sensors FS710PRO

Multiple Object Detection

The ProSensor 710 can detect up to two different objects behind walls simultaneously.

This is ideal in situations where you may be scanning for studs around areas where stud proximity may be atypical such as near light switches. This gives you an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Object Width Determination

There are times when you may be unable to determine whether or not you’re dealing with a stud or something totally different. The Franklin ProSensor 710 stud sensors correctly determine the width of any objects detected.

The ProSensor lights up all 13 of its LEDs when in front of hidden objects so you can know the correct width of the said objects behind a wall.

Deep Scan Feature

Most stud finders are built to handle a limited scanning depth. The Franklin ProSensor 710 stud finder can handle a deeper depth, allowing you to scan through thicker walls of up to 1.5 inches thick and locate studs.

Live AC Wire Detection

The device has an inbuilt live current-carrying wire detection feature that notifies you of the presence of live, unshielded electrical AC wiring.

The Wire Warning Detection feature is available in all scan modes and can detect live wires at a depth of up to 2 inches.

Consumer Impressions On The Franklin 710+ Stud Finder

  • The ProSensor 710 allows the user to simultaneously detect multiple studs in one scan, unlike most competing models.
  • The unit is a versatile tool that combines the abilities of a stud finder, a bubble level and a ruler making it a must-have tool for any professional.
  • Unlike most stud finders that need calibration, the ProSensor 710 is designed to work right out of the box without any configuration or calibration.

  • The Franklin 710+ is powered by AA sized alkaline batteries that aren’t exactly known for their longevity.
  • This stud finder isn’t suitable for projects spanning extended lengths of time.

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4. Vivreal Stud Finder Wall Scanner

4 modes detection

To make your task completion faster and easier saving you time and effort, this Vivreal stud finder is able to switch between the 4 modes of scan detection by pressing one single button. Read more opinions and reviews on Amazon about this tool by clicking below.

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The Vivreal Stud Finder Wall Scanner comes with 4 scanning modes that are capable of detecting studs and pretty much anything else you need to find behind your walls.

The device has both audible and LCD display warnings that alert the user whenever it picks up something you need to be alerted about.

Vivreal Key Features

Live AC Wire Detection

This stud finder from Vivreal comes equipped with a live wire detection feature that allows the user to avoid drilling through live AC wires. The feature is a standard among models designed for use by professionals who want more than just a simple stud finder.

Visual and Audible Notifications

The unit notifies the user when it detects studs or live wires behind a wall. It achieves this using an LCD screen and an audible warning message that alerts you of objects hidden behind your wall.

Deep Stud Detection

The Vivreal Stud Finder Wall Scanner comes with four scan modes that can detect studs and ferrous materials such as rebar and pipes buried at a depth of up to 1.5 inches.

Vivreal Reviews and Consumer Impressions

  • For its price, the Vivreal Stud Finder Wall Scanner is a worthwhile pick thanks to a variety of features.
  • The devices ability to detect live wires is a welcome addition that sets apart the Vivreal Stud Finder Wall Scanner from most basic stud finders.
  • The device automatically self-calibrates when turned on and position on a wall.

  • The Vivreal stud detector doesn’t have any inbuilt mechanism that keeps it level on rough or textured walls. This can negatively impact the quality of the results.

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5. Zircon HD900 Stud Finder

Multiscanner for Finding Studs

With this stud detector, you can find studs up to 1,5 inch deep with the deep sensing mode. This plus other features combined with the smartly designed digital readout that lets you know as you get closer to your sensing targets makes it a great tool to own. Read opinions and reviews on Amazon about this tool by clicking below.

☛ Read Reviews On Amazon

The Zircon HD900 is the last entry on our list of top 5 best professional stud finders for all trades. This model features the classic design and ergonomics you would expect from a Zircon stud finder.

The unit itself comes equipped with 4 scanning modes and a backlit LCD screen. It also features indicators on the screen that alerts you when the device detects studs, pipes or electrical wiring.

Zircon made sure to include a signal strength indicator which comes in handy when you need to determine how deep the detected studs or wires lie beneath the surface.

Zircon HD900 Key Features

Live Wire Detection

The HD900 is equipped with a Wire Warning Detection feature that alerts the user about the presence of live, unshielded electrical wiring. This feature works in both StudScan and DeepScan modes.

Depth of Scanning

This unit is capable of detecting studs buried in walls at up to a depth of three-quarters of an inch in StudScan mode. The device can detect metals such as rebar and pipes inside walls at a depth of up to one and a half inches in DeepScan mode.

Ease of Use

The device is designed to be easy to deploy in professional and basic applications. It features an LED-backlit screen that is easy to read and displays all the information regarding any objects it detects. The display makes it possible to use the device even in low light conditions.

Zircon HD900 Reviews and Consumer Impressions

  • True to Zircon philosophy, the HD900 has a simple yet highly ergonomic design that feels comfortable to hold.
  • This stud finder is powered by replaceable 9V batteries that last longer than most projects. This ensures there are no unnecessary breaks in-between your projects.

  • This tool is designed for use in indoor projects only. It has no corrective mechanism that would allow it to maintain accuracy over rough, textured or uneven surfaces.

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So what’s the best stud finder for professionals?

In summary, most stud finders have their jobs pretty much cut out for them, but given the numerous variables in wall materials, scan results may vary.

While some models may give you definitive results others might leave you less than satisfied. Always take everything with a grain of salt. However, with the models discussed above, you can’t go wrong. That’s some quality you can rely on.

If you ask me, I’ll go with Wilabot-DIY

★Best Professional Stud Finder★

97 %
Easy to use
90 %
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98 %
Relation Price-Quality
90 %

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