Zircon MultiScanner 740 Electronic Stud Finder – Quick Review To Get You Informed

For all you DIY ninjas, professional contractors, and fellow handymen, no power tool kit is complete without a proper, reliable electronic stud finder.

These handy tools come in a wide range of designs to suit the various needs of professionals as well as DIY home improvement enthusiasts. Wondering what electronic wall scanner would deliver professional-grade results without breaking the bank?

Well, look no further. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Zircon MultiScanner 740 Electronic Wall Scanner, a gem in its own right. The Zircon brand went all out on this model’s specifications, functionality and value. Here’s why;

The Zircon MultiScanner 740 is a universal device built to detect live wires, wooden support beams, and metals in ceilings, concrete, and gypsum walls. It detects and enables you to precisely locate hydraulic water pipes, electrical wiring, and reinforcement rods. Having all these great features is the reason why I’ve decided to include the Zircon MS 740 into my top 10 best stud finders list.

You can use the Zircon MultiScanner 740 stud-finder to locate wooden battens/studs ensuring there aren’t any hidden pipes or live wires behind a wall or ceiling you intend to drill.

Ease of Use Wall Multiscanner

As is the case with most Zircon products, the MultiScanner 740 Electronic Wall Scanner carries forward the principle of being easy to use. The stud finder has a relatively simple design that incorporates functionality and aesthetics in a delicate show of craftsmanship.

The 740 has a floating head, that keeps the device flat on all surfaces whether rough or textured. Most competing models might not reproduce the same results as the Zircon 740 when used on uneven surfaces.

You can rely on the 740 to give you accurate results on all kinds of surfaces, which makes it perfect for all kinds of deployments, professional or DIY. The device features an erasable marker which makes it convenient over similar competing models in its class.

It allows you to operate the stud finder and mark detections easily using only one hand. Another great stud finder that you can easily use is the Black & Decker BDL190S BullsEye stud finder and laser level.

The device has a backlit LCD screen that makes results easy to read. It features indicators on the screen that alerts you when the device detects something. Zircon made sure to include a signal strength indicator which comes in handy when you need to determine how deep the detected studs or wires lie beneath the surface.

The backlit LCD screen also has an ‘any angle’ viewing feature that ensures you get clear readings the screen from any angle. Most competing models overlook this minor feature but you’ll be surprised at how big a difference it makes when you can read the screen from any angle.

Precision and Reliability

The Zircon MultiScanner 740 is fitted with ACT (Auto Correcting Technology) which automatically corrects common user errors such as starting the scan over a stud.

Additionally, the device features a unique floating head design that ensures the sensor remains flat on rough/uneven or textured surfaces.

This significantly improves the accuracy of the scan results. The ACT feature is absent in most competing models including some Zircon stud finders which puts this model right up there with the premium models.

A combination of all these precision features means you trust the readings from this device. With a single scan, the Zircon 740 delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision on whatever projects you’re working on.

MS 740 Power Source

The Zircon MS 740 is powered by a 9volt battery that lasts longer than most of its competitors. The MS 740 is programmed to turn on when it’s engaged with a flat surface.

This means that there’s only a slight risk of the battery gradually draining whilst you’re not using it.

Whatever length of projects you might be working on, the device is assured to deliver reliable results and won’t power out for a while.

Versatility of the Zircon MS 740

The average stud finder is built to locate either wooden studs, metals, or live wires beneath a working surface.

Not the Zircon 740. It is built to detect every single one of those things. The Zircon can detect and distinguish between ferrous metal such as rebar and non-ferrous metal such as copper pipes.

Zircon MS 740 can detect non-ferrous metals at a depth of up to 1.5 inches, and ferrous metals at a depth of 3 inches deep.
This device has a Wire Warning Detection feature that notifies the user of the presence of live, unshielded electrical AC wiring.

The feature is available in all scan modes; StudScan, DeepScan, and Metal Scan. It can detect live wires at a depth of up to 2 inches deep. This kind of information is vital to have prior to commencing drilling into any surface. Another very powerful tool that I know about is the DeWalt DCT419S1 12V MAX stud finder. Make sure you look at that one as well before you decide.

Zircon Price

The device retails at an affordable price considering the features it packs. It has an above-average rating and is considered a best-seller in its category.

With all included features and quality of build, the price is definitely a great bargain for a stud finder of this caliber.

 Zircon 740Consumer Impressions

The Pros

The unit is built tough and can withstand rough treatment on professional work sites and home improvement projects as well.
The Zircon MS 740 comes equipped with a host of features that are absent in most competing models. For its price, the features make it a worthwhile consideration.
The 740 is quite easy to operate. The user interface is designed to be user-friendly and no special training is required. With an accompanying user manual, you can easily pull it out of the box and get to work in no time.

The Cons

There are concerns about the erasable marker inevitably running out especially with heavy usage. Zircon does, however, include an extra 3 refills which should keep you going for a while longer.

In summary, the Zircon MultiScanner 740 Electronic Wall Scanner is among the best electronic stud finders in its category. It is reasonably priced, come with a vast array of features, it is very accurate and best of all, it is easy to use. A handy manual is included to help you understand what the different modes can do, their depth limitations and so on.

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