DeWalt DCT419S1 12V MAX Hand Held Wall Scanner

On some jobs, you never know what kind of problems will arise, and it is best to have in your toolkit something that is adaptable to any kind of situation.

With some kinds of wallpaper, or some hidden objects such as plastic or non-magnetic metal, the other stud finders available on the market are simply not worth the plastic they are printed with, and it is in situations like this that you want the DEWALT DCT419S1 12V MAX Hand Held Wall Scanner. By the way, I’ve included this DeWalt wall scanner on my list of best stud finders, so make sure you check it out if you want more options.

The patent pending sensing technology is capable of detecting five different classes of embedded materials, plastic, wood, ferrous, that is to say, magnetic, metal and non-magnetic metal as well as shielded and unshielded wires.

The 3.5 inch LCD display can communicate effectively the location and substance type of any hazard that is lurking behind your walls, allowing you to use the right tools to solve any DIY problem you may have.

This mapping feature allows for simultaneous detection of any material hazard behind the wall, so unlike with other stud detectors or scanners you do not have to switch between modes to find out what is behind your walls. By moving your scanner across the walls, vertically and horizontally, this tiny screen is thus able to display a mapped area of up to 9.5 feet.

With such an ability to map differing materials, and display such a wide surface area, this tool is therefore not just useful for those looking to hang paintings or artwork, but for any job you are doing involving plumbing, electrical wiring and much much more- no matter what may be behind your wall this is the tool for you.

This scanner also stands out because it is capable of scanning behind lots of different kinds of wall types, including plywood, concrete, drywall, and ceramic tile. Just like the Zircon The adaptability of the DEWALT DCT419S1 12V MAX Hand Held Wall Scanner is what makes it stand out from the other stud finders and scanners on the market which may simply be not up to the job. Another great item for that is the MS740. Read here my Zircon MS740 stud finder review to find out more.

Unlike other models, it’s power source is not from conventional store batteries but from a rechargeable power pack that can run your machine for up to four hours. This product therefore successfully combines the best aspect of cordless machines, not limiting you to where your plugs are, with the best aspect of batteryless machines, so you do not have to worry about running to the shop in the middle of the night trying to find batteries to make the machine work.

The machine also operates in more than one language (English, French, and Spanish) so it is suitable for people who may not have a great grasp of English, especially when it comes to the technical stuff. Finally, it’s big, and bright yellow, so you won’t ever be fumbling around in your toolbox trying to find it, you could spot it from miles away.

The downsides, it’s big, it’s heavy, and it is expensive. However, it is a top of the line product, good for so much more than stud hanging.

It’s a reliable product from Dewalt, which is a reputable company that has produced expert DIY equipment for years. So you know that when you buy the product, however expensive it is, you are buying the best, and you are buying a machine that is adaptable so many situations that you do not need to buy multiple tools.

Therefore, the DEWALT DCT419S1 12V MAX Hand Held Wall Scanner is the perfect tool for the amateur DIY man, or the professional contractor who, in the words of Bob the builder, wants to get the job done. Talking about professional wall scanners, check out the Accufinder C110 stud finder, it has some great features you’d like to know about.

Anyway, getting back to this great DeWalt stud finder, it’s adaptable, multi-lingual, easy to operate and can provide you with lots of information about what’s behind your wall with an ease not deployable by other stud finders or scanners.

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