Best Laser Levels For Home: Top 3 Any DIYer Should Have A Laser Level

In today’s article ninjas, I’ve put together a list of three of the best laser levels for home use that you can find on the market today.

Laser levels are an essential component of any toolkit; whether professional or DIYer.

Today, ninjas, I’m going to focus on DIYers and homeowners as the title suggest 🙂 … sorry PROS (you can always go here if you are a construction professional and check out my article and recommendations for laser levels for PROS)

If you guys feel like you won’t have too much time to read this review (is not that long and I’d love you to read it) … but if you really need to go quickly … here’s a link to Amazon if you wanna check out what’s my choice for a great laser device that you can use at home.

Best Home Laser Levels: Comparison Chart

Laser Levels For Home UsersFeatures And Specs editor's choice

1.Huepar Green
Laser Level DIY

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Laser Class: 2

Power Output: ≤1mW

Working Distance: ±45m/150Ft

Accuracy: ±2mm at ±10m
(±1/13 In. at 33 Ft)

Power Source: 4 AA Batteries

Beam Color: Green

Self-Leveling: Yes

IP Rating: IP54
(water/debris resistance)

Mounting Thread:

1/4 In.-20


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Laser Class: 2

Power Output: ≤1mW

Working Distance: ±15m/50Ft

Accuracy: ±3mm at 10m
(±1/8in at 33 Ft)

Power Source: 3 AA Batteries

Beam Color: Red

Self-Leveling: Yes

IP Rating: IP54
(water/debris resistance)

Mounting Thread: 

1/4 In.-20
5/8 In – 11


Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon

Laser Class: 2A

Power Output: ≤1mW

Working Distance: ±30m/100Ft

Accuracy: +/-1mm at 5m
(±1/25-In at 16.5ft)

Power Source: 3 AA Batteries

Beam Color: Red

Self-Leveling: Yes

IP Rating: IP54
(water/debris resistance)

Mounting Thread:

5/8 In.-11

The Main Advantages Of Using Laser Levels Is

  • achieving precise alignment can make all the difference between a successful project and a flop.
  • you can do any project that involves measuring and leveling ... by yourself
  • they are extremely easy to use
  • there are more and more options on the market today, that will cover any budget

A good majority will self-level, and also indicate an out of level condition.
Well, today, as I've said, I will be discussing three of the best laser levels for home users, what features they offer and their strengths and weaknesses.

I've saved you the headache of doing tones of research by reducing the noise of hundreds and hundreds of laser levels that exist. These three in my experience are some of the best for what we are talking about today.

Continue reading and I'll tell you why I have chosen the one that I've chosen ...

The levels I will discuss below are designed to provide precision for your various professional or DIY construction, repair or maintenance needs ... without breaking the bank :)

So let's have a quick look at a short review of each of my top 3 laser levels in today's article.

TOP 3 Laser Levels For Homeowners


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The Huepar 901CG professional laser level is termed by most professionals and hobbyists as the best in its class as far as reliability and performance go.

Capable of withstanding rough treatment on the job site without any compromise in accuracy.

The device is designed to be self-leveling like most models in its class and also features a manual mode which is activated when the pendulum is unlocked by switching slides to the unlocked position.

When the tool is operating out of its optimal leveling range, a green laser beam flashes to notify the user that the laser beam isn’t operating at the prescribed 4°±1° range.

If you do have a little bit more budget though, I invite you to read this Best rotary laser levels article that I've put together for those of you who want more quality tools.

Consumer Impressions

PROS green thumbs up
  • The Huepar 901CG uses green diode technology which projects lasers twice as bright as red lasers with the same light source and power. This model’s light intensity centers around 14000lux with an impressive visibility of up to 50ft.
  • The 901CG has an ultra-bright 360-degree horizontal green laser beam. It provides all-around leveling coverage with an impressive accuracy level of ±1/9 of an inch at 33 feet and a maximum range of up to 150 feet. The 901CG enables you to work in different lighting conditions both indoors and outdoors.
  • The self-leveling time on this laser level is less than three seconds. The Huepar 901CG makes use of a sophisticated Cardan Suspension Pendulum system which means that the accuracy levels are dependable and suitable for professional
  • The Huepar comes equipped with a pulse mode. The default full-time pulse mode comes in handy with cycle ratios modulated for indoor use of the device when powered on for the first time. It allows you to quickly spot the laser beams without beam power dissipation that contributes to a loss in brightness or visibility.

CONS red thumbs down
  • The 901CG has a reputation for suddenly gone off without any warning. 
  • It's not very good to use outdoors. You won't be able to see the laser lines very far (but that's the case with almost all laser levels anyway, especially the cheap ones)

☛  If you want to see more green laser level, check out my article about the Best Green Laser Levels for PROS & ninja DIYers!


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The Bosch GLL 55 is a laser leveler built with ease of use in mind. It is perfect for pro contractors as well as inexperienced users making it a popular choice among amateur hobbyists. Each button on the Bosch GLL 55 is well labeled, and the warning lights convey explicit messages.

The Bosch GLL 55 features a three-plane leveling and alignment line laser mechanism that provides a complete leveling solution devoid of any rotating motors or moving parts.

The tool allows the user to project level beams, align, square and plumb with one setup point thanks to three 360° laser planes – one horizontal and two vertical.

The Bosch laser level has few moving parts, is lighter, more compact, and a great deal easier to calibrate. It is also simpler to operate compared to most rotary lasers. The highly visible laser lines stay accurate using the Bosch GLL 55, because of Bosch's proprietary Smart Pendulum System.

It performs self-leveling, indicates an out-of-level condition, and even locks when switched off preserving its accuracy over time. The lock also secures the pendulum for safe transport.

Consumer Impressions

PROS green thumbs up
  • The Bosch GLL 55 features a smart pendulum system that self-levels and indicates an out-of-level state. The laser level locks automatically when switched off or not in use.
  • A secure lock protects the pendulum when the device is switched off allowing safe transportation.
  • This tool also features Visimax technology that delivers maximum visibility up to 50 feet.
  • The laser level device boats a host of handy line selection modes. It can project laser cross lines, vertical and 360-degree horizontal lines together or independently;.
  • In my findings, the biggest selling points of this laser level are its durability and survivability with rough treatment.
  • For its price, the Bosch GLL 55 is a grand bargain, suitable for professional leveling tasks as well as DIY repair and maintenance jobs.

CONS red thumbs down
  • This tool doesn’t have an inbuilt pulse mode with no compatible receivers available.
  • The laser beam easily dissipates in daylight working conditions.
  • Another drawback to this laser level is that the laser beam is a bit dim. This renders its use in outdoor construction projects quite impractical.


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The Lomvum green laser level is the perfect tool for indoor and outdoor tasks that require precision such as tiling, wall studding and more.

This device projects both vertical and horizontal laser lines with independent switches. The horizontal beam covers a sweep area of over 180 degrees. The entire unit can be rotated on its base and also has a fine adjustment feature.

The Lomvum laser level is rated a hefty 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon making it a well-sought after tool. The too comes with Lithium-ion batteries that are capable of retaining a charge for a long time.

Consumer Impressions

PROS green thumbs up
  • This tool is a self-leveling multifunction laser level suitable for all manner of tasks. This laser is an all-rounded device that is perfect for interior works and outdoor projects. It self-levels when inclined in set-ups of up to 3°.
  • This laser level is equipped with a heavy-duty leveling base. It is fast and easy to set up, has a self-leveling mechanism making it ideal for numerous tasks.
  • It has a locking pendulum that helps to prevent any damage to the level’s internal components. The tool is equipped with fine tuning knobs that make possible the ability to fine-tune the level line to exactly where you need it.
  • The level projects a green beam with raised clearance and also provides dot alignment and visibility for wall track layout tasks.
  • The vertical and horizontal point laser beams can be positioned to intersect at a 90-degree angle. An inbuilt scanning mode makes visibility in bright lighting conditions possible.

CONS red thumbs down
  • This device doesn’t come with an accompanying tripod stand.
  • The self-leveling feature only works to a certain extent
  • In some rare instances, the vertical beam may fail to come on.

So, In Conclusion ... Which Laser Level Device Is Best To Use At Home?

In conclusion, the above three laser levels provide the best value for your money. The levels are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor and indoor use without disappointing.

The reason I choose the Hauper 901CG over the other lasers is that:

  • You get a 360 laser level under $200
  • Not only you get a 360 laser level but for that price you get a cross-line laser level as well
  • This laser device has green laser beams
  • It's not very expensive

Of course, the most famous brand on my list today is Bosch, but this model is a bit more expensive than my choice. And you get fewer features for that price.

That's it from me today. I hope my three best laser level for home use list ... helped you guys in any way.

Let me know which one are you using guys (in case you already have one). Would you prefer a different model or brand? Let me know, please.

In the meantime...

...Stay Safe Ninjas And Happy DIYing :)

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