Drill, Driver And Screwdriver Accessories | TOP 11 Must Have For Any Pro Or DIYer

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Ok ninjas … so you have your tools, even some accessories for your favorite screwdriver … but let me share with you a list of accessories for drill, driver, and screwdriver in case you want to expand your tools arsenal.

And this is for either PROS or home improvement DIYers … oh and by the way, if you do have another accessory that you suggest I should add to my list, go ahead and drop me a comment.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Alright, let’s back to my drill, driver, and screwdriver accessories list and start by talking about the fact that nowadays you find so many cool accessories for your drill.

It’s really amazing how far we came with the tools. There is an attachment for a drill for almost any task imaginable.

From the normal drill bits to brushes and stone grinding accessories and so much more … I’ll share with you the ones that I most like and maybe you can benefit as well.

What Accessories Do I Need For My Drill?

Quick View To Some Of My Favourite Drill Accessories

Screwdriver setMulti-Purpose
Drill Bits Drilling Holes 
Brush AttachmentSnagging/Cleaning
Scrubbing PadsCleaning
Right Angle Drill BitDrive screws and bolts in tight areas where 90 degrees is required
Mixer AttachmentMix Paint, Mud, Concrete
Flexible Extension It’s excellent to screw/ unscrew in awkward places
Magnetic wristbandKeeps bits and other small tools at hand for quick access
Drill HolsterEasy and quick access to your drill
Damaged Screw/ Bolt ExtractorMakes extraction of damaged screws and bolts “piece of cake”
Universal SocketDrive different bolt and screw sizes with the same drill bit

So, what accessories do you need for your drill?!

That will depend on what kind of work you are doing with your drill. If you are a professional, you probably already know what accessories you should have for your drill based on your daily job. (the more you have the better job you’ll do, easier and faster)

If you are a ninja DIYer on the other hand, you might not need everything that’s out there … and there’s a lot 🙂

I’ll share with you’ll anyway what kind of drills, driver and screwdriver accessories I’ve used and I liked and you take whatever you like from here.

Sound fair?

Cool, let’s get to it then…

1. Set Of Screwdriver Bits

There are some basic accessories that you should all have like a set of screwdriver bits where you can have some of the most commonly used drill bits like

  • philips
  • square
  • slotted
  • double-ended bits

There are no secrets into how to choose screwdriver bits for your tool other than you should make sure that you buy the bits for SCREWDRIVER … NOT FOR IMPACT DRIVERS or vice-versa.

You could actually be fine doing this mistake if you buy bits for impact driver instead of buying bits for a screwdriver because you can actually use some kind of adapter.

But If what you have is an impact driver, then … make sure you buy drill bits with hex shank as this is the only format that impact drivers will fit. BTW … I have a more in-depth article about the difference between an impact driver and a regular drill, make sure to check it out!

Screwdriver Bits Set



  • 14-piece gold ferrous Pilot Point drilling set
  • 30-piece IMPACT READY FlexTorq screwdriver set
  • 56 piece screwdriver set with Tough Case (in 2 cases)
Read Reviews And Opinions On Amazon

2. Drill Bits For Wood/Masonry/Metal

If you are beginner DIYer you might have done this already ...

... stick into your drill any kind of drill bit (not knowing that are different ones for different purposes) and trying to make a hole into timber with a concrete drill bit? :)

Please don't laugh, I know it's funny ... but I didn't know!

You can find drill bits for many types of materials, here are a few

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Plastic

So make sure you use the right drill bit when making holes. I'll leave you some examples here anyway.

Drill Bits For Metal



 Pilot Point


Designed For Metal

14 Pieces

Read Reviews And Opinions On Amazon

I've put only the ones for metal ... remember to look for the ones specific to your project.

3. Brushes To Remove Paint/Rust/Dirt

Here, again you have so many different options.

As you can see from the subtitle, you can have brushes for

  • Derust outdoor metal furniture
  • Remove paint from old furniture
  • Clean bathroom/kitchen tiles without you making a lot of scrubbing effort

There are a lot of things you can do with a brush attached to your drill.

Drill Powered Spinning Brush Heavy Duty Scrubbing



 4 Piece Power Scrub Brush Kit


Brushes Made With Stiff Bristle Fiber

Great For Concrete/Stone/Fireplace/ETC

Fit Most Drills

Read Reviews And Opinions On Amazon

Here is how to use these drill brushes to clean your shower tiles

4. Scrubbing pads

What would you use the scrubbing pads for?!

Well, there are a lot of uses for this attachment. There are a many around the house uses for this ... like cleaning

  • tiles
  • windows
  • ceramic floors
  • bath and shower plate
  • and much more

Scrubbing Pads For Drill



 Perfect attachment to use after you have finished a project.


We all know that any building project is messy.

This would help you clean a variety of surfaces in no time.

Read Reviews And Opinions On Amazon

Check out this video to see how these pads are used on a drill

5. Right Angle Drill

This is a very awesome drill attachment.

It can be extremely useful where you don't have enough room to realize the drilling operation. It could be between two studs, it could somewhere very close to a wall. You get the point ... wherever the drill doesn't fit, you will use the right angle drill bit.

Why this is a very good drill attachment?!

  1. Because it will help you carry out jobs where you don't have enough space for a drill.
  2. IT SAVES YOU MONEY...because buying this drill bit attachment will save you from buying a right angle drill tool.

Have a look around, there are a couple of models out there...one that people mentioned a lot is the DEWALT DWARA100 Right Angle Attachment.

DEWALT DWARA100 Right Angle Attachment



 Accept Hex Bits


Has A Hex Shank

Fit Drills and Impact Drills

90 Degree Head

Read Reviews And Opinions On Amazon

Check out how easy it is to use this little tool on an impact drill

6. Paint And Mud Mixer For Drill

Another silly mistake I did a couple of years back when I didn't know that much about tools and especially about drills...

...is that you simply can not buy any attachment that says:"Paint and mud mixer"!


What I did, I bought a paddle to mix some plasterboard joint compound ... but it did not fit the drill. It was for what they call a compound mixer. If you don't know what that is ... here's a link to Amazon to see some pictures.

Again, I'm asking you not to laugh :) ... everyday learning from my mistakes.

I'm sharing this here so you guys (beginners in the home improvement and DIY) might learn and don't do the same.

And to make it simple here is an example of what you should go for...

Paint And Mud Mixer For Drill







Drywall Mud


Read Reviews And Opinions On Amazon

Here is a nice little tutorial on how to mix taping mud for drywall using a drill with a mud mixer on it

7. Flexible Extension Screwdriver Drill Bit Holder

This is a very cheap drill accessory that I recommend you have in your toolbox.

Trust me, it will always come in handy. Just like the right angle bit, the flexible extension will allow you to screw and screw bolts and screws in awkward areas and very tight places. Last time I have used this one was a few months back when I needed to take out my WC seat. The cistern was screwed into the wall so the only way I could get out those screws ... was using a flexible extension.

There is not too much to say about this one really ... so I'll leave you a picture with one of these extensions in case you want to check them want.

Flexible Extension For Screwdriver



 Reach Dead And Narrow Parts


High Hardness

Bent 300 Degrees

Hexagon Handle (1/4 handle)

6.35mm (1/4 ") Screwdriver Head

Read Reviews And Opinions On Amazon

See in action why the flexible extension is such a good tool to have around

8. Magnetic Wristband With Strong Magnets

This one is a fairly new drill accessory. It's awesome because you don't have to keep your screws and bolts into your pocket anymore. (or any other drill bits that you will have to use for your project)

It's really efficient to have a magnetic wristband, it saves a lot of time to go up and down, forth and back everytime you need screws or a different bit for the job.

Some of my colleagues went mad with these wristbands and got two ... one on each wrist :)

Magnetic Wristband With Strong Magnets



 Strong Magnets


Made Of Durable Polyester

Adjustable Size

Securing Nails, Bolts, Screws

Read Reviews And Opinions On Amazon

Let's see a test of how really powerful the magnets are on these bracelets (some or better than other)

9. Drill Holster And Drill Belt Hook

Now, these two drill accessories I want to put them on the list for your convenience and commodity.

It's really annoying to keep putting down the tool, pick it up again ... put it down ... AHH, I HATE THAT!

So what I've found is that having a drill holster or a drill belt hook to hang your impact driver or screw gun and pick it up again as needed, it's a time-saver!!!

There are so many options out there. You can't go wrong with this. And as with most of the accessories that I've shared with you so far ... there are not expensive at all.

Here are the ones that I like and that I recommend

Drill Holster And Drill Belt Hook

  • Only Right Hand
  • Fits Mots T-Shape Drills
  • Made Of Polyester
  • Store Up To 4 Bits
  • Fits Most T-Shape Drills
  • Made Of Aluminum
Read Reviews About The Holster Or The Belt Hook On Amazon

10. Damaged Screw Extractor & Bolt Extractor Set

How many times you droved a screw until you could not bring it back out because you've damaged it?!

Few times? :)

Yes ... I did that as well. This, most of the times it happens because of the low-quality screws that we are using. They are too soft.

There many other reasons as well like maybe you didn't use the right size drill bit or we use an impact driver when in reality using a hand screwdriver would be more than enough.

This is one of the best accessories for drills that I've seen, and for the reasons above mentioned I do 100% recommend you to have one of these in your toolbox.

Damaged Screw Extractor & Bolt Extractor Set



 1 - Remove Diameter 3~5mm
2 - Remove Diameter 4~8mm
  3 - Remove Diameter 5~10mm
  4 - Remove Diameter 6~12mm
Read Reviews And Opinions On Amazon

Do you wanna see a real example? Check out the below video to see how to remove damaged screws

11. Universal Socket, Kusonkey Professional 7mm-19mm

The universal socket you can use it to remove or unscrew all kind of old/rusty and stubborn bolts.

It is not a tool that I would recommend you to use day in day out with your drill.

It's perfect for what I've said above ... but not for daily use. For example, you would not want to use this drill attachment if you are working on the roof and need to drill hundreds of bolts or screws.

Universal Socket For Bolts



 A universal socket can be adjusted immediately to grasp the


hex nut, screw eye, hook, tension screw and bolt head.

Works on a power drill (adapter not included)

Read Reviews And Opinions On Amazon


Check out below how a universal socket works


How many of these drill, driver and screwdriver accessories have you used guys?

I have used all of them, mostly at home doing home improvement DIY, and it's so great to have all these tools at hand.

Can you please let me know in the comments if you have used any other cool drill attachments? I would love to know so I can check them out myself :)

☛ Before I forget ... are you a Makita fan? I've heard many colleagues in the industry asking this question: Does Makita have a jobsite radio that charges batteries? Check out the article if you are curious as well about that.

Hope it helped in some way guys ...

... until next time.

Stay Safe And Happy DIYing! :)

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