Bosch GMS 120 Stud Finder Review

Knowledge is power, they say, and an issue many may have with conventional stud finders is that they simply are not able to scan deep enough for you to know exactly what is behind your drywall.

Say there is a copper pipe about three inches behind your wall, or a wire two inches behind. Say you have ultra-thick walls, or walls made from unorthodox materials? Most other products would be as useless as water diviners in such a situation, but not the Bosch GMS120 Digital Wall Scanner.

With a depth detection range of up to 4.75 inches, this is the best stud finder for those with thick walls and well-concealed pipes and wires.

If you need to drill deep into the wall, perhaps because the object you are hanging is very heavy, or perhaps because you need to do other DIY projects behind the drywall, the Bosch GMS120 Digital Wall Scanner is the product for you. With three modes (pipes, wires, and studs) it is simply the comprehensive product for all potential projects.

Features of the Bosch GMS 120

Depth detection is the most important aspect to this products unique selling point, but that is not the only useful feature. The Bosch GMS120 Digital Wall Scanner is an automatically calibrating product, meaning that there is nothing in the way of setup required, and furthermore, it will continually calibrate during the course of a job.

Needless to say, accuracy is just as important as depth when figuring out the best place to hang your studs, it is not an area you want to be making a mistake in! So having a machine you literally never need to be worried about calibrating is key!

With a center finder, you furthermore will be able to find the center of any object with a loud audible detection signal that can be activated with a simple switch. This means it is helpful for anyone who may be visually impaired or struggling to discern the meaning of the screen.

If you want a stud finder app instead and use it with your phone check out this awesome Walabot DIY stud finder app. You might love it whether you are a pro or DIYer.

What are the PROS of using the GMS 120 Stud Finder?

Ease of use is another area in which this product comes across well.

The LCD screen clearly indicates which of the three modes the machine is active in, where, in the case of studs, the stud is located and where its center is, and finally how nearby the object is.

A useful color scheme is established, with red flashing lights for no object within the sensor range, orange for object nearby and green for the all-clear! As well as the screen itself, the detector is adorned with illustrative buttons allowing you to seamlessly switch between modes as well as to increase the brightness of the screen and increase the volume of the audio warning system.

Brightness and sound are incredibly useful innovations featured in this product, allowing you to do these difficult projects in adverse lighting conditions. Another ease of use factor is the hand strap that ensures it is easy to hold in adverse conditions. Finally, a battery is included within the package so you can get going straight away upon purchase.

Another feature embedded into this product is trust. You don’t just need to take my word for it that this is a quality product, it is considered ‘Amazon’s choice’ in the Stud-Finders and scanners category by the DIY experts and users at that website, and it is also has over 400 reviews .

Some people would say that this Bosch GMS is “the only stud finder that could do the job” in part due to its depth perception that made it superior to other products. It’s very accurate according to other users, something you would hope would come without saying when it comes to stud finders, but is alas not always the case. It also comes with a two-year warranty, which is by no means a common included feature in this product.

Amazon tech support is also available for this product, meaning you don’t have to spend too long scouring the internet for information on how to use this product. Finally, it is produced by Bosch, a multi-billion $ home appliance company. So if you are looking for a trusted product on Amazon, produced by a trusted brand, then this is the product for you.

This product is not without its downsides though.

Any Cons to know before buying the GMS 120 stud finder?

One major downside is that this product is by no means lightweight- weighing in at over seventeen ounces. However this is partly counteracted by the fact it comes with a hand strap, were it a smooth object or one difficult to grip this concern would be more valid, however hopefully the handstrap will reduce the burden this product may inflict upon your hand.

Another is the price point, it’s definitely pricey for a DIYer for a one time use. However it is excellent value for money for what it is, and its deep detection mode means that in some respects it’s unfair to compare it with other, cheaper products.

Bearing in mind how expensive a DIY mistake may be, paying $10-20 more than the market average for a higher quality product seems more than worth your while, especially in light of all the extra features this article has listed for you.

And with a two year warranty, you are if anything exposed to less risk than buying a cheap product with no warranty.

A final concern that some may have with this product is the fact that it does have a fair few negative reviews on Amazon, some of which are quite recent. One should note that for every negative review, there are at least two positive ones, and it may well be the case that the users in question were not using it properly, or are just unlucky in receiving faulty products.

Last thoughts on this quick mini Bosch GMS 120 review

To sum up, if you are not too concerned about price, and are looking for a trusted object from a trusted brand that will get almost any job done, then this may well be the product for you.
Another stud finder you might want to have a look at is the Accufinder UltraSensor C110. It’s a great tool for professionals.

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