PLS3 3-Point Red Beam Laser Level

Pacific Laser Systems PLS3 PLS60523

The best 3 point laser level

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The Pacific Laser Systems (PLS) are a front-runner in designing contractor quality products. The Founders of PLS pride were contractors before they were manufacturers and pride themselves on utilizing their experience to create a high-quality product.

The PLS3 is a 3 point projecting laser that is self-leveling up to 6 degrees, with an accurate projection range of up to 30 meters. The 3 beams project forwards, upwards and downwards. This is perfect for establishing level and grade.

Made from high-density plastic the PLS3 has been tried, tested and proven to withstand drops from up to 1 meter high. Its dimensions are 17.8 x 22.9 x 7.6 cm and it weighs a tiny 340g. Running off just 2 AA batteries the PLS3 has a battery life of 30 continuous hours.

When it comes down to the Laser itself you have the choice of either Red or Green, it’s your choice. Some people see Red better some see Green.

Alongside the product, you also get a drop sleeve, a carrying pouch, a floor stand and a magnetic wall bracket. All PLS lasers come with a 3 years warranty, have licensed distributors across the world and a UK based website.

Pacific Laser Systems PLS3 PLS60523

Item DimensionsPower SourceWeightLaser colour beam
7 x 9 x 3 inches
17 x 22 x 7 cm
3AA batteries required
( Baterries not included )
8.8 ounces,
250 grams
WarrantyAccuracyOutdoor use
Indoor Use


Best In Class Warranty

All beams:

+/-1/4 inch at 100 Feet


+/-1/4 6mm at 30 meters

We don’t recommend
this laser for outdoor use,
but if you want to use it
it’s vivible up to
60ft or 18m if it’s not clear or
sunny day

Excellent for indoor use.

Visibility 300ft or

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Overall this tool is a great investment for anyone looking for to rid themselves of the old, traditional and wind catching plumb line. Another great from Pacific Laser Systems.

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