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Last Updated: 23/09/2018

Best Green Dot Laser Level

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PLS3  Green Beam

Huepar 8211G Green 

Best Green Line Laser Level

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DeWalt DW0825LG

 Huepar 901CG

Best 360/Rotary Green Laser Level

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DeWalt DW079LG

Leica Roteo 35G

Best Green Laser Level Under 100

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Huepar Box-1G

Hammerhead HLCLG01

Best Green Square Laser Levels

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Johnson Flooring Square

Bosch GLL 2 Flooring Square

Today ninjas, I want to bring you a bit more information about these "new" awesome laser levels ... and I'm talking about the green laser levels.

Of course, they're not new for most of us, construction professionals, but some friends (DIY enthusiasts) have asked me about them. Some of my friends didn't even know that laser levels have different colors 🙂 ... but that's normal.

They are not into construction gadgets and tools like we are and they don't have a reason to stay up to date with construction tools as we do.

Anyway ...

This article is for pros and DIYers as well, and I want to share with you ninjas what's my choice when it comes to best green beam laser levels for our projects.

☛  By the way ... if you need to leave quickly and have no time to read this awesome article that I've put together for you ... here's a link to Amazon if you want to check what I believe to be the best green laser level device in 2018.

Why Should You Choose A Green Laser Level?

I like to keep things simple.

So, the main reason to choose a green laser level vs a red laser level ... is because you will be able to see the green laser beam much easier than the traditional red laser beam.

* They say (the experts) that the green color of a laser beam is twice as visible to the human eye than the red laser beam.

If you are a PRO and you need accurate measurements (of course you do 🙂 ) ... well, that is enough reason I would say for you to go for a green laser level instead of a laser level that projects red lines.

Same for the DIYer, even though you might not make money using your tools (like a carpenter or a drywall fixer) but you do want your DIY projects as high quality as possible (depending on your skills of course) ...

... having the best tools at hand, it will make your job easier, enjoyable, MORE ACCURATE!

One thing I need to share here before we go further (especially for DIYers, like my friends that I know they'll read these lines 🙂 ) ...

...there are a few different types of laser levels. I won't bore you with so much data, but if you really want to know more, you can read my epic laser level buyer's guide.

☛  If you are wondering what's the difference between red & green laser levels ... check out my Red Laser Level VS Green Laser Level article!

These Are The 4 Types Of Laser Levels On The Market

  1. Dot Lasers (also known as plumb levels)
  2. Line Laser Levels
    • Single laser beam
    • Multiple laser level lines
    • Cross-Line laser levels
  3.  360 Rotary Laser Levels
  4. Right Angle 90-degree Square Laser Level

As you can see, having so many different tools it will be a bit difficult to actually recommend ONLY ONE as being THE BEST!

Each one of these has their own uses. And sometimes you won't be able to use, for example, the cross-line laser level for establishing a slope ... you'll need a 360 rotary laser level, and so on.

I have my own favorite tough, which is a DeWalt green laser level. I have a red one as well the DW089K 3 line laser level (which is amazing, one of the best tools to have in your toolbox).

You simply can't have everything!

So here, I'll recommend you the best laser tool in its own category...this way you have less research to do if you are looking to buy a laser level in the future.

Sounds great?

Perfect ... let's get into it then!

Best Green Dot Laser Level: Perfect Tool For Plumbing

A dot laser level is your best choice when you want to find

  • a level point
  • or maybe two or more points at 90 degrees between a wall, the floor, and the ceiling.

Some of these tools are very basic (you'll have to level it manually)

And other dot laser levels are self-leveling - which I very much prefer!

Here's a couple of examples of dot laser levels...

Ninja Editor's Recommendation For The Best Dot Laser Level

Dot Laser Level For Construction PROSPoint Laser Level (TIGHT BUDGET)
#1. PLS3  Green Beam Laser Level
#2. Huepar 8211G  Green Laser Level
3-point laser3-point laser
+/-1/4-in @ 100ft
+/-1/13-in @ 33ft
+/-100ft (30m)
+/-197ft (60m)
Self-Level Range:
+/- 6 degrees
Self-Level Range:
+/- 4 degrees
3 years
12 months
> Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon <> Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon <

Let's continue by talking a little bit about each one of these point laser levels. Here's a mini review.

#1. PLS3  3-Points/Beams Green Laser Level

the pls 3, one of the best green dot laser level on the market

Excellent laser from PLS (Pacific Laser Systems) ... it's easy to use, great visibility of the laser beam.

It's a perfect tool for

  • laying out tiles
  • electrical works
  • steel erections
  • plumbing as well.
Pros & Cons Of The PLS 3 green thumbs up
  • It has a long warranty (3years)
  • Good brand
  • Clear lines in light environments (indoors) red thumbs down
  • Made of plastic
    (might not live a lot in rough construction site conditions)
  • It could become a bit inaccurate after few uses
    (keep checking the accuracy, this could happen to any device)

It's accurate, and it's been created for construction professionals ... it's a brand that many people trust.

☛  It has over 100 reviews on Amazon, good and bad, pro and con ... see what people are saying about this tool.  

#2. Huepar 8211G  Green Laser Level

good green point laser level for tight budget

Although this is my choice for home DIYers, I know people who bought this laser level to work on constructions sites.

And they seemed to be pretty happy with it 🙂

I stick to my DeWalt though for my construction jobs.

Pros & Cons Of The Huepar 8211G green thumbs up
  • It has a long warranty (3years)
  • Good brand
  • Clear lines in light environments (indoors) red thumbs down
  • Made of plastic
    (might not live a lot in rough construction site conditions)
  • It could become a bit inaccurate after few uses
    (keep checking the accuracy, this could happen to any device)

You can use this laser level type for many indoors tasks.

Some of these tasks are as simple as hanging a new lamp on the living room's ceiling and others a bit more complicated like installing downlights on a new property or on your own DIY project.

These devices come with:

  • two-dots
  • three-dots
  • and five-dots

Another cool thing about the dot/point laser levels is that the majority of these devices they can project lines as well.

You could have a laser level that projects dots and lines! 

So be sure to check it out before you decide to buy a laser level ... you could kill two birds with one stone. 🙂

* Honestly, I'm not a fan of these type of laser levels as the applications for it are very limited. 

They can be pricey for the amount of work you do with them. But if you really need one for your jobs (maybe this is a perfect tool for a plumber or a sparky) ... then go ahead and check out one of the above!

Next up: we are going to check out a few green line laser levels.

Best Green Line Laser Level: Smart Choice - Cross-Line Laser Level

I will start this section by saying that I don't want you to lose your time and energy by thinking too much about this.

Take my word for it ...

If you really need a laser device, at any level, construction pro or home improvement DIYer ... just go for a cross-line laser level.

You'll thank me later 🙂

There are simply waaaaaaaay too many options out there. So, if you can, forget other line laser levels and go with a cross-beam laser device. By doing so, you will be covered.

You will be able to do almost any task where a laser level is required. (Correct me if I'm wrong here boys and girls)

Anyway ... here's what I believe to be two of the best green beam laser devices with a cross-line feature.

Ninja Editor's Recommendation For The Best Line Laser Level

Line Laser Level For Construction PROSLine Laser Level (SMALL BUDGET)
#1. DeWalt DW0825LG Green Line Laser Level
#2. Huepar 901CG  Green Beam Laser Level
5-point + cross-line laser level360-degree + cross-line laser level
+/- 1/8-in @ 30ft
+/-1/9-in @ 33ft
+/-100ft (30m)
+/-150ft (45m)
Power source:
12v Battery
Power source:
4 X AA Batteries
3 years
Contact Huerpar
> Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon <> Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon <

Now ... working in construction, being around so many professionals, so many different trades and specialists ... I have to say, that most of this guys have AT LEAST ONE CROSS-LINE LESER LEVEL in their toolboxes.

Do you know why?

Because they really are amazing tools. You can use it for:

  • Drywall applications
  • Window fitting
  • Kitchen installations
  • Laying out tiles
  • Ceiling applications (lights installations, drop ceiling, etc)
  • Metal and wood wall framing
  • Fencing
  • Decking installation

You name it ... you can do almost any job, better, easier and faster by having one of these babies 🙂

That is the reason why in the first lines of this article, I said that my preferred laser level is the DeWalt DW088LG green laser level.

Let's just have a few words about each one of these laser leveling tools.

#1. DeWalt DW0825LG Green Cross-Line Laser Level

Up until now, I was amazed by using the ol' DW089K (red beam laser level) ... what an awesome tool to have.

But since I've seen the DW0825LG ... man ... this tool has really set up high the bar for the competitors 🙂

best dewalt green laser level dw0825LG

It really is an amazing tool.

One of the amazing features that DeWalt brings into the new green laser levels is ... the 12v battery.

This is a game changer.

Not only it will save you some money on batteries, but you can use this battery with other 12v tools that you might have from Dewalt. You can use the laser level for one full day or even two full days before you need to recharge the battery.

Pros & Cons Of The DeWalt DW0825LG green thumbs up
  • 12v battery
  • battery charger
  • multi-function: dots + cross-line
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • self-leveling
  • can project lines on the ceiling red thumbs down
  • a bit expensive for non-professionals
  • hard-case slightly big
    (takes a lot of space inside the toolbox)

#2. Huepar 901CG  Green Beam Laser Level

This laser level it's a compact unit. It's good quality for the money.

It won't be as accurate as other established brands ... but it will do the job just fine.

huepar green line laser level for those on tight budgets

You can't ignore that this laser tool comes d with features...

  • 360-degree laser lines
  • blinks every 3 seconds when is out of position (unleveled)
  • in can self-level itself within 4degrees
  • you can use the pendulum lock system for safe transportation of the laser level
  • obviously has great visibility due to its green laser beams
  • and its IP54 rated ... being waterproof and dustproof
Pros & Cons Of The Huepar 901CG green thumbs up
  • full of amazing features
  • multi-function: 360 degree+cross-line
  • can be set to project uneven lines
    (using the smart pendulum lock)
  • More affordable than other brands red thumbs down
  • Not great outdoors
  • Need to change batteries quite often
    (maybe get some rechargeables, save some time and money)

☛  There are about 50 reviews on Amazon about this tool. Curious to know what other people think about it? Find out here!

Having used the DeWalt DW088K and the DeWalt DW089K (both are amazing tools) ... I know what I'm talking about when I recommend you to stick to a cross-line laser level.

By the way ... PLEASE let me know in the comments below ... what do you think? What do you use for your projects? (DIY or professional wise). 

Alright ... I believe this will cover it for the line laser level section. Let's move on and talk about the rotary laser levels. These ones you mostly see outdoors, used by engineers and ground workers.

Best 360/Rotary Green Laser Level: Best Laser Level For Outdoor Applications

Yep ... for DIYers and some pros as well who never used a laser level before (any type) ... it could be intimidating to go ahead and spend hundreds and maybe thousands on a rotary laser level.

One of the reasons is that these leveling devices look quite difficult to use (and they are a bit until you learn how to use them, like everything in life) ...

... and people are afraid to pick the wrong thing (after spending so much money on them)

Don't worry!

*The best thing is that any of these laser levels comes with a warranty and as well you can send it back if you're not happy with it. (Don't forget to check that with the seller before you do your purchase)

Here's what I believe to be some of the best green rotary laser levels on today's market.

Ninja Editor's Recommendation For The Best Green Rotary Laser Level

PROS RecommendationTIGHT BUDGET Choice
#1. DeWalt Green Rotary Laser Level

#2. Leica Rotary Green Laser Level

±1/16-in @ 100ft
±1/8-in @ 100ft
± 5 degrees
± 4,5 degrees
Range with Detector
2000 ft (600m)
Range with Detector
500 ft (150m)
> Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon <> Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon <

These rotary laser leveling devices can be used for very precise jobs and perform best outdoors.

And the reason this kind of laser levels are doing a better job than the other types that we've seen so far on outdoor tasks ...

... is because the laser used in a rotary level device is stronger.

A normal laser level is classed as Class 2 output power <1mW

The rotary levels are classed as Class 3R and have an output power of <5mW. (much more than a normal laser level). Learn more about laser level classes and classifications here.

When you hear people saying about a cross-level or a dot level laser that:" It's rubbish, I couldn't see the laser line after 3 m when working on my deck building on a lovely sunny day" 🙂 ... because those laser levels have been built for indoor applications, MOSTLY.

Sure, you can use a dot or line laser level outside, but don't be disappointed when you won't be able to see the line of your laser level outside on a sunny day.

Check out my DeWalt DW088K red laser beams ... just a few inches off the wall.

Where are those lines???

a red beam laser level is not as visible as a green laser level beam

Get a rotary laser level for best results when working outdoors.

Anyway, let me share a bit more info about those two 360 lasers from my list.

#1. DeWalt Green Rotary Laser Level

DeWalt has done an amazing job in showing customers how great this tool is and how though and robust it might be.

It really looks like a "rough terrain truck" of the laser levels 🙂

It's been rated IP67 and tested against falls from 2 meters high.

Pros & Cons Of The DeWalt DW079LG green thumbs up
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • long range (2000ft with a laser detector)
  • 20v DeWalt battery
  • 2-meter drop rating red thumbs down
  • not as tough as advertised
  • a bit pricey

Here's a cool youtube video about the DeWalt DW079LG

#2. Leica Roteo 35G Rotary Green Laser Level

The DeWalt mentioned above is one of the most expensive green rotary laser levels that I've seen.

On the other hand ... Leica is one of the best rotary laser levels on the market. (if not, THE best)

I have never seen an engineer using any other brand ... except for Leica.

I'm not an engineer, but if we need to measure something outside on the construction site here what we use: Leica Rugby 810 (RED LASER BEAMS)

leica rugby 810 rotary laser level one of the best red rotary laser levels

This particular model from Leica has fully automatic horizontal and vertical laser beams.

I love the motorized wall mount. This allows you to adjust the laser device from the distance by using the remote control.

Need horizontal and vertical lines or an exact 90° angle?

No worries, this 360 Leica level can do that without any problems.

Pros & Cons Of The Leica Roteo 35G green thumbs up
  • 2 years warranty
  • remote control
  • motorized wall mount
  • create 90-degrees angles red thumbs down
  • nothing to report here other than the disappointing job Leica did in regards to the user manual. (If you can call it like that)
  • If you never used a rotary laser level before and you end up buying this device ... you would have no idea how to use it. 
  • Have a look for yourself here

Here's A Youtube Video About The Leica Leica Roteo 35G 

Because of the price tag on this type of laser levels, unfortunately, it is not very often used by a DIYer.

You'll see it mostly on big construction jobs and used by contractors on

  • setting up slopes
  • preparation for building foundations
  • leveling ground
  • setting up elevations
  • concrete pouring
  • opening trenches
  • pipes and other underground services installations

... and many more tasks of this kind.

Now ... if you are a ninja DIYer, I don't want you to go back empty-handed from this section and here's what I recommend you to use as a 360 rotary laser level for home uses or small DIY projects. Check out the Huepar Self-Leveling Green Laser Level 360 Cross Line. 

As I've said above...unfortunately the 360 laser levels (especially the ones that project green beams and points) are out of most DIYer's range

(and I won't recommend you to buy any cheap Chinese rubbish brand. Check out that Huepar model. It could be a good one for now. Or check out a rotary red laser level. Those are more accessible)

And now, let me tell you about the last type of laser level on my list: the square laser levels.

Best Green Square Laser Levels: Perfect For 90-Degrees Applications

This one, again, it's a very basic laser level, just like the dot one.

You can't really use it as a primary tool ... but it's great to have it in your toolbag.

It could come handy if you are a tiler. You can layout tiles without all the endless measuring and laying chalk lines and all that.

Unfortunately, this kind of laser levels doesn't have too many products in the green beam version. Just for the sake of having something to compare the Johnson square model to ...

...I've added the Bosch GTL 2 to this table (MIND YOU-THE BOSCH MODEL IS RED, NOT GREEN)

Ninja Editor's Recommendation For The Best Green Square Laser Level

PROS RecommendationTIGHT BUDGET Choice
#1. Johnson Flooring Square Level


#2. Bosch GLL 2 Flooring Square Level

±1/16-in @ 20ft
±1/2-in @ 30ft

Up to ±150ft (45m indoors)

Up to ±30 ft (9m)

Laser Class Illa / Power Output ≤5mW

Laser Class II / Power Output  ≤1mW
3-year warranty3-year warranty
> Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon <> Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon <

How To Use A Square Laser Level? (and for what applications is good?)

Some of these tools are VERY SPECIFIC TO A TRADE ... and sometimes you'll see tools that might not make any sense for you to spend money on...

... but it might make a lot of sense for a guy who does a lot like kitchen fitting or a tiler maybe.

☛  If you are laying tiles ... check out my article on what's the best laser level for a tiler.

Best Green Laser Level Under 100: Great For Home Users

Luckily here, the manufacturers are thinking about those brave homeowners who like to do DIY and improve their homes by doing little (or big) home improvement hacks.

From hanging pictures and hanging shelves, to replace your tiles in the kitchen or bathroom ... and maybe even replace your old kitchen cabinets ...

... you can do that and much more with a green laser level!

So here are two options that I love and seems that a lot of owners are quite happy with them as well. Just click on the > Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon > text underneath the pictures to read their opinions: Good Or Bad!

Ninja Editor's Recommendation For The Best Green Laser Level Under 100

Amazon's ChoiceExcellent 2nd Option
#1. Huepar Box-1G Green Laser Level




±150 ft (45m)
 ±30 ft (9m)
±1/13-In @ 33 ft
±1/4-In @ 30 ft
Leveling/Compensation Range:
Within 4-degrees
Leveling/Compensation Range:
Within 4-degrees
Power Source:
4 AA Batteries
Power Source:
2 AA Batteries
> Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon <> Read The Good & The Bad On Amazon <

Any decorator should have one of these tools.

They are great and easy to use and given the fact that you can have one for less than one hundred bucks ...

... it won't break the bank! 🙂

#1. Huepar Box-1G Green Laser Level

This laser level brand is becoming quickly a favorite in the DIY world.

The reason is obvious: They deliver decent laser levels at decent prices!

best green laser level under 100 dollars

If you end up buying this little laser level from Amazon ... it comes as a kit.

You'll have an easy-to-adjust magnetic base, target plate card, and a carry pouch.

Pros & Cons Of The Huepar Box 1G green thumbs up
  • Good Outside Protection (Rubber)
  • Out Of Level Notice
  • Smart Pendulum Lock
  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Self-leveling red thumbs down
  • Short Warranty (only 12 months)
    You can upgrade if you wish
  • It doesn't perform well outdoors
  • Not visible at 150ft without a plate card 

☛  If you want to see what other people are saying about this on Amazon ... click here, over 30 owner reviews. Good & Bad!


And to finish this long list of green laser levels ... I have another great little tool that is most loved for home users.

The Huepar model from above has a very nice rubber protection on the outside ... which means you could actually take it with you on a construction site if you are a professional.

On the other hand, our Hammerhead HLCLG01 ... has no protection at all.

It's all made from plastic which makes it very fragile and there is a danger of breaking the unit easily if you drop it.

Here's How It Looks On Youtube (the video is not pro ... but at least you see what you get before you go and buy) 🙂

Pros & Cons Of The Hammerhead HLCLG01 green thumbs up
  • Easy to use
  • Low price
  • Small and compact red thumbs down
  • Made of plastic (no protection)

Honestly, I could not find too many complaints about this green beam laser level ... DIYers seems to love it 🙂

☛  Want to explore for yourself a bit more? ... check out on Amazon what people are saying about the Hammerhead HLCLG01

And I guess we've finished this guide/review (whatever you wanna call it) article. 🙂

Honestly, if you are a DIYer ... you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a laser level. As you can see, you have some options for less than 100 dollars, and the quality if those laser devices is decent!

☛  If you want more options, check my article on the best laser level for a homeowner, there is a mix of red & green laser levels.

Conclusion: What's The Best Laser Level That Projects Green Laser Beams/Points?

Alright, ninjas, I hope this article was a good read and that you've learned something new today.

* Short Answer: This Is The Best Green Laser Level (in my opinion)

The long answer to the question ... you'll have to take the decision based on the applications you are going to use the laser level for.

If you are a pro, you know this already. Some guys and girls have two or more laser devices to make sure they are covered when it comes to doing their jobs.

So go through each section of this article and see which one do you think will suit you best.

And I tell you this ...
... if you need some help with which one to buy. Drop me a comment or get in touch.

I'll be more than happy to give you a hand.

That's it from me today, until next time ...

Stay Safe Ninjas And Happy DIYing 🙂

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  1. What an amazing post Adrian.

    Thanks a lot for this, I was really wondering what’s so special about these green laser levels.

    I am not a professional, but I’ve been doing home improvement all my life, I love DIYing (puts me in a good mood) and used few red line laser levels (Bosch, Craftsmen, Ryobi) … but soon I’ll need a new one and I really liked the ones you have mentioned in this post.

    It’s a shame that DeWalt are far from my reach.

    Thanks again for the awesome info.


    1. Post

      Thanks for leaving a comment Will.

      Glad you liked it…
      I agree with you when you say that DeWalt tools are not very affordable for DIYers, they obviously build for contractors and builders.

      At home, for example, I use the tools that I have at work (if I bring them home) but if I don’t … I use my cheaper tools that I have at home only for DIY purposes (I like Bosch as well for home uses)

      To be honest, these guys at Huepar it looks that they are pleasing many DIYers (and some PROS) with their laser levels quality…so if you are looking for a new laser level (with green beams) … have a look at the Huepar brand.

      You could always go for a red line laser as well. You have much more choices at lower prices.
      ☛ Check out this article on which I list 3 of the best laser levels for home uses:

      Let me know if you need more info or anything!
      Thanks for stopping by

      Happy DIYing 🙂

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