DeWalt DW088K Review | One Of My Favorite Cross Line Self-Leveling Laser Levels

DeWalt DW088K Review

Probably the best cross line laser

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When it comes to heavy-duty, site ready products there is no bigger American brand name than DeWalt. With nearly a century of creating high-quality products, DeWalt caters for the professionals.

The DW088K is a 2 way self-leveling cross-line Laser. With independent laser functions, for both horizontal and vertical, and a 90-degree cross angle this laser is built to take on job site conditions.

It is self-leveling up to 3 degrees, visible up to 15 meters and with pulse mode can reach 50 meters.

Housed in an over-molded plastic casing with a thick glass pane covering the laser, which helps keep the laser calibrated, the DW088K has the dimensions of 6 x 11 x 11cm, weighs 500g, and is extremely heavy duty.

It comes with a built-in magnetic pivot bracket enabling you to easily mount to metal surfaces.

To operate the laser it is just 2 buttons, it doesn’t get much simpler. It’s powered by 3 AA batteries which are accompanied by a low battery indicator to save inconvenience.

DeWalt DW088K Specs & Features

Item DimensionsPower SourceWeightSpecial features
9.7 x 9.2 x 4.4 inches
24 x 23 x 11 cm
3 AA batteries required
1 Pound
450 grams
Full-time pulse mode allows
for use with the DW0892 line
laser detector sold separately
WarantyAccuracyLaser type
3 year limited warranty
one-year free service
± 1/8 In at 30 Ft
± 0.31 cm at 9 m
Cross Line type laser
Not dots
This item project lines, not dots
which make it A MUST for indoor
use, DON’T buy for outdoor.

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Overall if you’re a professional looking for a site worth tool that is extremely durable and simple to use this is the Cross-Line Laser for you.

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