Best laser level for tilers in 2018

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So … you want to know what the PROS are recommending when it comes to what is the best laser level for tilers?  Then keep reading, you are in the right place!

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Lasers levels are perhaps the single most important pieces of equipment in any construction site or maintenance tasks.

Whether it’s a flooring laser level or a laser level for wall tiles, we’ll cover it in today’s article …

so keep reading to find out what our TOP 3 choices are!

Whether the task at hand is professional or basic DIY, laser levelling equipment have on many occasions proven their usefulness in projects that require flat, sturdy surfaces.

Just like in the picture below, we needed a laser level to layout this wall tiles in a bathroom where later on you will have the plumber installing the bath just underneath our tiles.

So it came quite handy a cross laser level for this job because we only had to set up the hight that we needed and … the rest was straightforward.

Laser leveling devices lower chances that errors in measurement and alignment will occur during tiling and other related tasks.

wall tiles installation using a laser level

Getting your hands on a laser tile layout tool can make a whole lot of difference for your project. The perfect laser level for tilers can be defined by the degree of accuracy achievable which can vary from one model to another (check out our comparison table for accuracy details)

Now, I know that many of you PROS out there have a divided opinion about using a laser level for tiling a wall or use the old trusty spirit level.

Some of you, like the old school, using the old bubble level and the chalk line.

Others like a laser level for wall tiling but not for laying floor tiles or the other way around … and others simply believe the bubble level is for the old generation and so on …

But the thing is, based on what many of my colleagues have shared with me in this matter, the things is, no matter what your view is in regards to using a laser level for tiling walls or floors … all of them admitted that it’s a great piece of kit to have in your toolbox.

Depending on what part of the world you are right now you will have different brands available…but most of the professional tilers that I’ve talked to, most of them, they prefer either the DeWalt tile laser level or the Bosch GTL3 professional tile laser level. 

some of the best laser levels for tilers

My advice is that when shopping for laser levels and other construction equipment, the rule of thumb is, always seek second opinions and consult dealers and tool reviews for some insights.

Some construction projects such as laying tiles require the kind of precision that can only be achieved using a laser level. Having established that…

Today I bring you a selection of three of the best laser level models available on the market. If you are a tiler and you might probably be wondering what is the best laser level for tiling walls or the best flooring laser level then look no further; I have all the information you need to allow you to make an informed choice.

In this article, I will be scrutinizing some of the best leveling devices for tiling purposes that also offer great value for your money.

The models sampled are among the highest-rated models with respects to quality, ease of use and return on your investment and the best of all is that many of my colleagues are using them, so first-hand advice and reviews here!

Alright, let’s get into it and here are the TOP 3 of what we consider to be the best laser levels for tilers today


Levelsure green laser review 

The Huepar 901CG professional laser level is a well-engineered piece of equipment incorporating rubber as the over-mold material. The gaskets and seals in its housing also have rubber which raises its durability in the IP54 index.

The device is termed by most professional tilers as the best in its class regarding reliability and performance.

It is capable of sustaining a straight row of six-sided, one-meter off-ground drops without a loss in its functionality or accuracy. The device is self-leveling but also has a manual mode which is activated once the pendulum is unlocked by switching slides to an unlocked position.

A green laser beam flashes when the tool is operating out of its optimal leveling range of 4°±1° to notify the user that the laser beam isn’t level. In this position, the device should not be used as a level reference.


  • The Huepar 901CG makes use of German green diode technology, which is identified by the experts as the best laser technology in the word. Green lasers are twice as bright compared to red lasers with the same light source and power. This model’s light intensity averages at 14000lux with a visibility of up to 50ft.
  • The 901CG boasts an ultra-bright 360-degree horizontal green laser beam. It provides all-around leveling coverage with an accuracy level of ±1/9 of an inch at 33 feet and a maximum range of up to 150 feet. The 901CG enables you to work in different lighting conditions both indoors and outdoors.
  • The self-leveling time on this model is less than three seconds. The 901CG makes use of a sophisticated Cardan Suspension Pendulum system which means that the accuracy levels are dependable and suitable for professional tiling work.
  • The Huepar comes equipped with a functional pulse mode. The default full-time pulse mode comes in handy with optimal duty cycle ratios that are modulated for indoor use of the device when powered on for the first time.
  • It allows you to quickly spot the laser beams without taking notice of noticing the beam power dissipation that contributes to its brightness or visibility.

Consumer Impressions

  • In our findings, the Huepar 901CG’s accuracy levels are among the most impressive in tools competing in its class. It is a popular choice for tilers and other construction professionals.
  • The 901CG has been reported in some cases suddenly going off without warning. Such interruptions can be quite costly especially for essential A change of batteries should, however, resolve the issue.


Many tilers would agree that this one could be the best flooring laser level

The DW088K is an excellent piece of laser for laying out floor or wall tiles, performing outstanding professional leveling tasks. It is designed and built by DeWalt; a world-leader in construction equipment. The DW088K’s quality is unmatched in its class.

The device is most popular among professional tilers, carpenters, and electricians. By the way, read here our latest article on what we believe to be the best laser level for electricians. Hobbyists have also taken quite the liking for this laser tool.

Since the DeWalt DW088K has only two buttons to operate the horizontal and vertical laser beams, it is not complicated to use even with novice tilers. The laser beams are bright enough and accurate to get the job done but get the job done right.

The DW088K comes installed with a handful of features that improve the consistency of the final result. The DW088K laser level is ideal for both inexperienced users and professionals alike. As mentioned, it is suitable for tiling projects like wall or flooring tiles installation.


  • The DW088K produces bright crossing horizontal and vertical laser lines with an accuracy of 1/8 of an inch at 30 feet.
  • The laser level is IP54 rated against dust and water. It will, therefore, provide a longer service life meaning you don’t have to worry about your equipment breaking down.
  • It comes accompanied by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and a years’ worth of free service.
  • The DW088K operates on a class 2 laser with a power output of 1.3mW. The laser diode emits a red beam in full-time pulse mode which allows its use with detectors hence making it the ideal tool for both indoor and outdoor electrical work.
  • The laser level boasts an integrated magnetic pivoting base that allows it to be mounted on any metallic surface.

Consumer Impressions

  • In our research findings, the fact that the DW088K uses three standard sized AA batteries makes it quite popular with professional tiling experts and hobbyists as well. AA batteries are cheap and add to the versatility of this model.
  • The accuracy and functionality of this model make it a popular choice for professional tilers.
  • In many cases, this self-levelling laser level is the product that most PROs will choose. And it’s no wonder, we all know how DeWalt tools are…and to be honest I couldn’t hear any or too many serious complaints about this tool.
  • The only drawback to an otherwise excellent laser level is that it doesn’t allow the user to secure the laser beam in a fixed position, a feature that is common and almost standard in other competing models in its class.


Probably the best 3 plane laser level

The Bosch GLL 3-80 p professional is a laser level built to meet professional construction standards.  The self-leveling laser is easy to use even for inexperienced individuals making it popular with amateur hobbyists.

Each button on the Bosch GLL is well labeled, and the warning lights convey explicit messages. The Bosch GLL 3-80 360° Three-Plane Levelling and alignment line laser tool provides a complete leveling solution without any rotating motors or moving parts.

It allows the user to line up a level, align, square and plumb with one setup point by generating three 360° laser planes – one horizontal and two vertical.

using one of the best laser levels for tiling

The Bosch cone mirror technology projects bright laser ‘chalk lines’ in 360°. With fewer moving parts, this laser layout tool is lighter, more compact, a great deal easier to calibrate and simpler to operate compared to traditional rotary lasers.

The highly visible laser lines stay accurate using the Bosch GLL 3-80, because of Bosch’s proprietary Smart Pendulum System. It performs self-leveling, indicates an out-of-level condition, and even locks when switched off preserving its accuracy over time. The lock also secures the pendulum for safe transport.


  • The Bosch GLL 3-80 features a smart pendulum system that self-levels and indicates an out-of-level state. The device locks when switched off or not in use. A secure lock protects the pendulum when the device is switched off allowing safe transportation.
  • The accuracy of the red laser beam is +/- 3/16″ at a range of 30 feet. This tool is a class
  • The laser level device boats a host of handy line selection modes. It can project laser lines together or independently; cross line, vertical and 360-degree horizontal axes.
  • It has a 360-degree horizontal line plus a 120-degree vertical laser line for alignment, leveling and layout applications.

Consumer Impressions

  • In our research findings, the most significant selling points of this laser level are its durability and survivability with rough treatment and accidental falls from heights of up to one meter. For its price, the Bosch 3-80 is a grand bargain, suitable for professional leveling tasks in tiling projects.
  • The downside to this little laser level is the fact that the laser beam is a bit dim. The latter renders its use in outdoor construction projects quite hard. You might require additional resources to make efficient use of this laser level in outdoor conditions.

Now, this top 3 laser levels that we recommend today are based on the assumption that you are not going to use the tool only and only for laying out wall tiles or as a flooring laser level but for some other uses as well … because if you want a laser level ONLY for tiles and tiles alone … this is what all the pros are going for :

Bosch GTL3 professional tile laser level

Just give a quick look at this GTL 3 laser level demo

Alright ninjas, let’s wrap it up … Conclusion

In summary, laser levels are as crucial in tiling projects as they are in any other professional construction project.

Settling on the right laser level takes some bit of searching, and with the right tool, you can be assured of high precision results and a worthwhile return on your investment.

With the perfect laser level, you can turn your project into a smashing success. I hope that this article has helped ease your search for the best laser level for tilers.

If so, happy days, if not … shoot me a message or leave a comment and share your thoughts on the matter. This is what makes our community great!

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