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What’s The Best Laser Level For Homeowner | Cheap Laser Level Reviews

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Hello NinjaDIYers … I have a reason to be happy and share this with you today because I’m pleased to hear and say that …

In recent years, the world of home renovations and small construction projects is being taken over by DIYers and everyday people like you and me.

I’d love you to stay and please do so if you can 🙂 … but if you are in a rush click here to see on Amazon my choice of what I believe to be the best laser level for home users.

Today, there are more and more people interested in doing renovations themselves by taking the tie to learn the skills and techniques needed for the job, and then putting them into action on their own time.

And, regardless as to whether you’re a die-hard DIYer or a real-life construction pro, remember that a laser level is an essential part of any well-prepared handyman’s toolkit.

Comparison Table Of My Top 3 Laser Levels For Homeowners

Laser Levels For Home UseFeatures And Specs editor's choice

#1.Huepar Green
Laser Level DIY

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Laser Class: 2

Power Output: ≤1mW

Working Distance: 30m/100Ft

Accuracy: +/-3mm at 10m
(+/- 1/9 In. at 30 Ft)

Power Source: 2 AA Batteries

Beam Color: Green

Self-Leveling: Yes

IP Rating: IP54
(water/debris resistance)

Mounting Thread:

1/4 In.-20

#2. Bosch GLL 2
Cross Line Laser Level

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Laser Class: 2

Power Output: ≤1mW

Working Distance: 9m/30Ft

Accuracy: +/-4mm at 9m
(±3/16-in at 30 Ft)

Power Source: 2 AA Batteries

Beam Color: Red

Self-Leveling: Yes

IP Rating: IP54
(water/debris resistance)

Mounting Thread: 

1/4 In.-20

#3. DEKOPRO 6-Point
Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

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Laser Class: 2A

Power Output: ≤1mW

Working Distance: 10m/33Ft

Accuracy: +/-1mm at 5m
(+/- 1/25-In at 16.5ft)

Power Source: 3 AA Batteries

Beam Color: Red

Self-Leveling: Yes

IP Rating: IP54
(water/debris resistance)

Mounting Thread:

5/8 In.-11

Of course, there are plenty of different types of laser levels out there on the market.

Therefore, depending on the type of renovations or construction that you’re planning, you’ll want to choose a laser level that’s right for the job, as well as your budget.

Cross-line laser levels are by far the most versatile...

... however, they can sometimes be much more expensive than single dot lasers.

It’s important to know what features you’re looking for, as well as what you’re planning on using the laser for. Below, I’ve put together a review of three of the best and most versatile laser levels on the market.

>>>BTW, I have a more in-depth article about laser levels here. This is in case you want to learn more about how to use a laser level, how many different types are out there or how to choose a laser level and much much more<<<

Hopefully, the following reviews will be enough though to help you choose a laser level that’s right for you.

Here's a Quick Preview

Best Laser Level For Homeowner

  1. Huepar’s Green Laser Level with Magnetic Base
  2. Bosch GLL 2 Cross Line Laser Level
  3. DEKOPRO 6-Point Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Level

Alright, let's have a look at this laser level review section that I've put together. We'll talk a little bit about each laser level individually.

You might ask yourself how to chose a laser level to use around the house ... well, here's one of the first things I would look at: IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE !!! 🙂

So these laser levels that I've chosen for home users, I consider them to be 3 of the best laser levels under $100.

That's right...

... you don't have to spend more than $100 on this tool if the main purpose is to do basic DIY.

(unless you have the budget of course and you can go for a high-quality toy like this bad boy here, the DeWalt DW089K or the DeWalt DW088K)

Anyway ... let's get into the review! 🙂

Review Of The Best Laser Levels For Home Improvement DIYers

#1. Huepar’s Green Laser Level with Magnetic Base

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Huepar’s laser level is great for nearly any type of home-renovations projects. It's one of the best green laser levels under $100 in my opinion.

Whether you’re framing walls, installing brand new laminate flooring or simply trying to level out a pesky picture frame on your living room wall, this laser has pretty much everything that you’re looking for.

This laser level uses Osram’s laser technology ( used in cars as well), which is meant to be twice as bright as traditional red lasers, just as accurate, and clearly visible even in direct sunlight, making it ideal for outdoor, as well as indoor use.

Huepar’s Green Laser Level is accurate within one-ninth of an inch up to 100 feet. Also, the laser’s housing has a threaded mount that allows you to easily mount the laser onto a tripod, which, unfortunately, is not included with the laser.

Self-leveling on inclined surfaces with 4 degrees. The laser has a built-in indicator to let you know if your surface is more than 4 degree off level. This ensures that your measurements are always within optimal leveling range.

Consumer Impressions

PROS green thumbs up
  • Huepar’s green laser beam is meant to be extra highly visible and is ideal for working on outdoor projects.

CONS red thumbs down
  • The biggest downside with this laser level is that it doesn’t come with a tripod. This would have added much more value to the product’s price.

#2. Bosch GLL 2 Cross Line Laser Level

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Next, we have the GLL2 self-correcting cross line laser from Bosch. This is a great, highly functional laser that projects both horizontal and vertical lines, either independently, or at the same time.

With the touch of a button, the GLL2 laser allows you to easily switch between laser types for whatever you’re using it for.

This laser also comes with a versatile mounting device that allows you to attach the laser to nearly any type of surface. And, like Huepar’s laser, Bosch’s cross line laser level is self-leveling.

This makes setting up your laser as easy and fast as possible.

Furthermore, the laser level has an indicator that will let you know when you’re out of level.
Lastly, this laser level uses a powerful Class II laser and has a maximum power output of ≤1mW. This ensures that the laser beam is as bright as possible and will remain bright and visible on almost any type of surface.

Consumer Impressions

PROS green thumbs up
  • Bosch’s laser level comes with a handy mounting device that allows you to easily mount the laser on nearly any type of vertical or horizontal surface.
  • Although it's a laser level cross-line laser level, the selection button on this laser device allows you to change between the lines and use only one line at the time if you wish.

CONS red thumbs down
  • Although Bosch’s mounting device makes it easy to mount the laser on most surface, a tripod attachment would have made this laser even more convenient for users that require the level to be moved around a lot
  • As well, be aware that the location of the mounting screw hole of this unit it's not very well designed...very at the back making it very awkward and difficult to mount. 

#3. DEKOPRO 6-Point Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Level

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This laser level by DEKOPRO was designed specifically with versatility in mind. With its self-leveling rotary laser and its 6-point projection beam, you’ll easily be able to take accurate measurements and lines on floors, walls, ceilings and virtually any other surface.

The laser comes with a heavy-duty base, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. DEKOPRO also designed this laser level to be as sturdy as possible. For this, they’ve added a locking pendulum, which works to prevent damage to its internal parts during transport.

Finally, DEKOPRO’s laser level features fine tuning knobs which allow for greater precision and measurement accuracy.

Consumer Impressions

PROS green thumbs up
  • The laser’s fine-tuning knob allows for greater precision and versatility. This means that you can change the laser’s settings depending on the applications that you’re using it for.

CONS red thumbs down
  • There have been some complaints that DEKOPRO’s self-leveling laser lever is not very bright when used on outdoor surfaces.

Not Sure Which One To Choose?

Have a look at this video where you can quickly see and learn which laser level you could use for your DIY home improvement projects...

How To Use The Few Different Types Of Laser Levels

In Conclusion...

... if you’re planning any sort of home renovation project, be sure to think twice before taking your next measurement without the help of a laser level.

These versatile tools work to make leveling and taking measurements much easier than working with a traditional level.

And, by mounting a laser level or using a laser level with a tripod, you can easily accomplish the work of two different people, without struggling.

As I’ve said, laser levels are an essential part of any handyman’s toolkit.

For the pros, they are great investments, since they can be used for all sorts of different applications and can easily be used time and time again. And, they are also great for DIYers.

Not only can they be used for home renovations and construction purposes, they can also be used for jobs around the house such as straightening furniture or leveling out picture frames.

In the end, by adding a laser level into your toolbox, you’ll not only be making your job easier, you’ll also end up saving time and money.

Just remember that laser levels are both quick and efficient. This means you’ll be getting the job done faster, and with even more accuracy than when using a traditional level.

Please let me know in the comments below, what kind of projects are you planning to use your laser level for?

If you are a homeowner and need a laser level to use around the house for your projects ... I hope it did help reading my little laser level review here today.

Talk soon, in the meantime...

...Stay Safe Ninjas And Happy DIYing 🙂

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