Accufinder Professional Stud Finder UltraSensor C110

It is one of the ultimate DIY nightmares- not knowing where the best place to hang a heavy object is. Whether you’re looking to give your room a fresh look with some new art pieces, or looking to install a new flatscreen TV, a stud-finder is the must-have piece of kit for locating the best place to hang heavy items from.

A great place to hang such items is a wall stud, which are the vertical framing members in a building wall located away from the posts in the corner. After all, you don’t want to tear your drywall to pieces with a poorly placed nail do you?

But what if, like many renters or even homeowners, you have no idea whatsoever where these all-important wall studs are? While there are literally hundreds of stud finders on the market, the downside to many modern stud finders is that they are only able to scan a small surface, and so you are left constantly having to move your tiny stud finder across walls to find that perfect spot.

Needless to say, if you need to hang multiple heavy objects on your wall, this problem is made all the worse- you end up spending ages with ineffective stud finders scanning tiny sections of the wall trying to mentally map the structure behind your wall. Enough to drive even the keenest DIY aficionado mad!

This is where the Accufinder Professional Stud Finder Ultra Sensor C110 comes into its own. Being the best stud finder out there (or at least at the top 10) comes with eleven precision sensors covering a six inch area, using this product gives you better coverage and means you’ll spend less time moving your scanner across the wall before you find the perfect spot.

It’s also an incredibly easy product to set-up and use, with no calibration required, meaning that unlike using other stud finders you can get going finding the studs straight away.

Furthermore, it’s able to scan behind the wall to a depth of 1.6 inches, so if you have especially thick drywall, or are unsure what is behind your wall, this product will be able to detect any hidden surprises for you! This depth perception mode is always on, meaning you don’t have to check when you turn the product on what setting it is on or take any extra steps to activate this mode.

At this stage it is a reasonable question to ask how does the product work? Well, you simply place the product on the wall and the led lights will illuminate where the stud, and, also importantly, where the stud edges are. Over a six inch area the scanner can therefore find multiple objects, e.g. studs, wires, pipes simultaneously.

This means you will know exactly where to place your nails and hang your object, to a great degree of accuracy. Furthermore, at only eight ounces, it is still relatively lightweight for its size, again giving you that added convenience factor.

One final convenience advantage that this product possesses is that unlike many other conventional stud finders, it runs on conventional AA batteries, far easier to find either in your home, and far cheaper to procure in a local shop, than the 9V batteries that many other stud finders require. AA batteries also generally last longer than 9Vs, meaning that you should find yourself needing to change batteries less often.

So time-saving and convenience is clearly the raison d’être of the Accufinder Professional Stud Finder Ultra Sensor C110. But you can bet this is not the only way in which this is a worthwhile product. This stud finder can also detect both wood and metal, meaning you do not need to worry about accidentally causing an electrical or plumbing incident when you drill that first nail in.

With width identification, you can find out instantly, and, also importantly, with a great degree of accuracy, how wide your stud is and therefore where exactly you can place the nails and how much weight it should be able to take. However this product is not without downsides.

One downside is that it seems to be relatively hard to find information on this product, with no reviews on Amazon and relatively little information on Youtube or DIY websites. If you want a product in mass circulation, or a trusted brand, this may not be the product for you. This downside however is somewhat counteracted by the availability of tech support when purchased through Amazon, undercutting the need for you to do too much additional research.

Even if the reviews on Amazon are few and far between, Amazon can still help you make the most of the Accufinder Professional Stud Finder Ultra Sensor C110. Another, arguably more significant downside to this product is the price point at which it operates. It is by no means the cheapest overall product on the market. But this is counteracted by the sheer size of the area it is able to detect, as well as the fact that when you consider it is manufactured in the USA, you know it is a high quality product.

This is not to mention the savings in battery replacement mentioned above.

Overall, owning the Accufinder Professional Stud Finder Ultra Sensor C110 of these items can be especially helpful if you are not too sensitive on price and you are not too sure about where the wooden frames, metal pipes and electrical wires in your house are located. Another great alternative to this stud finder is the DeWalt DCT419S1 12V MAX handheld stud finder. Make sure you check it out before you move on.

But generally, speaking, the Accufinder C110 possesses the additional advantages of convenience and ease of use that both the cheaper products and the high-end ones for professionals lack. So in short if you are relatively new to DIY, this is the ideal product for you.

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