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Well … Hello!

I’m Adrian and I have the pleasure to write this few lines about us.


I worked as a Head Chef and Somellier in some of the best Hotels, Casinos and Michelin Star Restaurants back in Spain.

I did a little bit of that in the UK as well but I needed a change. Personally I’m not afraid of changes but this one was quiet a big leap from the madness and the heat of the ovens, which I miss A LOT … to the exciting and dangerous world of the Construction Industry.

CURRENTLYninjadiy.com, about us , slew telehandler, 360 forklift,roto telehandler

I am working as qualified Roto Telehandler Operator not only on building sites but on other projects as well like preparation of big sport events or concerts events and other areas that has to do with lifting loads to hights and move around heavy loads.

I simply love my job. When I get up in the morning and know that I’m going to work I feel quiet happy about it. Many of you will know that not so many people love their jobs like I do. They go to work because they need to pay the bills. Luckily this is Not my case.

And now, in tandem with my day job of operating the Roto Telehandler, I create and manage websites in different industries. This would be another job that I could get up in the morning and be very happy to do on a permanent basis. At the moment, I do it part time only, with a small team that assist me to achieve my goals.

Due to the jobs environments that I’ve been working on, I feel quite comfortable to write good quality articles and product reviews about gear related to the Constructions Industry.

If you want to find out more about me, I kindly invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Mainly we want to bring the intimidating construction world to your door step. We have a need of sharing all this stuff that we know with all of you out there, as the construction industry it’s a really exciting industry, we have a lot of fun building or demolishing stuff, putting things together it’s what we love to do. We will bring you the latest technology, gadgets, tools, practises and more from our day to day jobs … and in return Amazon is paying us a little commision to refer the products on their website in case you need anything for your project.

ninjaDIY.com it’s an Amazon Affiliate website, which basically means that we gain a small commission every time you buy a product via our website. ( by the way, no charge on you, the commission won’t come out of your pocket, it’s Amazon who pay us a fee. Happy days )

We put a lot of hours and effort into our websites to make sure that we always bring you not only the best products but good quality info as well. We aim to provide you with the best information about the products that we advertise and hopefully that will help you buy with confidence the best construction gear available on the market.


My team and I, we manage this online business from London, UK.

ninjaDIY.com is part of RomBrasCom LTD , our company, and we are registered with the Companies House in the UK, company number 11034537


Apart of the obvious one, it’s a business after all … Our mission is to select the best constructions gear and latest technologies available online and bring it for you in one single place. It’s easier to find whatever your are looking for on our website rather than going through thousands of products on Amazon.

But wait, it’s more … not only we bring tons of good information about the products that we advertise but we present you with product reviews as well to help you decide if you want a product or not.


We are putting together some articles as well that would help you decide not only buy the products that you need but maybe learn some new things as well by reading our guides, reviews,  comparison tables and much more , so make sure you check out our Blog.

We look daily through Amazon products and we select only the best ones for you !

And finally …


Well, let me put it this way.

Monday to Friday WE ARE ON A CONSTRUCTION SITE with over 100 different top professionals, this is what we do.

That’s right, as you can probably imagine, my colleagues and I, we have First Hand access to many skilled men and women within the industry. I mean, who can actually give you a better view over a product or a task than this hard working guys who are using this tools day in day out?

My colleagues and I,  we spend a minimum of 10 hours per day in this envoriment handling different kind of tools and machinery, some which I didn’t even heard of before, in diferrent kind of enviroments, all sorts of weather conditions for so many demanding and beaufitul projects, small or big.

This is one of the reasons we believe we are qualified to say something about the products that we present you in our blog and we kindly invite you to participate by reading, making comments and even recommendations either here on our Blog or on our Facebook Group!

Get in touch if you have any question about anything , we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Stay safe ninjas and Happy DIYing with ninjaDIY.com