Huepar 901CG VERSUS 902CG (Are They The Same Laser Level Or Not?)

Huepar 901CG versus 902CG: Not sure which one is right for you? That’s what we’re going to talk about today here. Read on and make your purchase with confidence.

The 901CG and the 902CG are two of Huepar’s leading laser leveling products. Both share a plentiful array of useful features, but there are also crucial differences.

And which product you choose to purchase is dependent on the job you are needing to complete. Here you can find even more Huepar laser levels that we’ve reviewed in case you want to consider more options.

a huepar laser level comparison between huepar 902cg vs 901cg

Since their invention in the 1970s, laser levels have become an essential part of every handyman and construction professionals’ toolkit, and by 2025 the global construction lasers market is expected to reach $3.36 billion. (1)

Huepar is relatively new to the game, but their products combine ease of use, elegant design, and consumer affordability. With over 20,000 satisfied customers already, they are a supplier you should be considering for your construction laser needs.

How are they different?

The 901CG is a self-leveling laser level that projects a 360-degree green bream horizontally as well as a 130-degree beam vertically that will cover the wall it is pointed at as well as sections of the ceiling and floor.

The 902CG is also a self-leveling laser level, but it provides complete 360-degree coverage both horizontally and vertically. So, the immediate advantage of the 902CG is its additional coverage, great for when you are doing jobs where you are working on the entirety of a worksite.

Another advantage of the 902CG is the additional range it offers when it is in pulse mode. When the 901CG is in Pulse Mode, it has a working distance of 130 feet when working with a Huepar compatible receiver.  If you need a receiver check out this comparison between the Huepar LR-6RG vs LR 5GR.

But when the 902CG is in Pulse Mode, it has a working distance of 165 feet when working with a Huepar compatible receiver. Depending on the size of your construction site, this extra 35 feet could make all the difference.

And one final difference between these two products is the price. For the budget-conscious handyman, the 901CG is the superior choice simply because it comes out a great degree cheaper than the 902CG.

How are they similar?

The two laser levels have a great number of user-friendly features in common. Both of their green lasers are twice as bright as market-standard red ones, which make them ideal for working in daylight conditions.

Their accuracy is listed as to within 1 1/9 of an inch at 33 feet, so you can execute medium-sized jobs to nearly perfect accuracy. And they both have a multi-functional mode with one operating button to allow you to display only the horizontal or vertical lines as well as both.

Another excellent user-friendly feature that each product shares is the self-leveling mode which automatically levels the laser within three seconds of setup, so you can get to work straight away.

Also, both lasers possess a manual mode that allows you to use the tool at any angle you want, for when you want to project non-level straight lines, an ideal mode for when you are erecting stair rails or working on uneven terrain.

Both products have an outdoor pulse mode which, with a Huepar compatible receiver, allows the device to be used at long distances. And both are cased in IP54 TPR soft rubber, making sure the product is waterproof, shock resistant, and impact resistant.

So even if you are on a wet, dusty worksite you can purchase these products and the one-year warranty which comes with them, with confidence.

 Pros of 901CG

  • With 4-6-hour battery life, you will not be constantly running for the charger with this product
  • Easy to switch between manual and self-leveling mode

Cons of 901CG

  • Only one 360-degree line, not complete vertical coverage. An adjustment will be needed if you are working on multiple surfaces, such as tiling a bathroom.
  • Customers have expressed concern about accuracy.
  • Customers have expressed concerns about outdoor usage, with some claiming that without a receiver it is only visible up to distances of four feet. This may be a problem if you don’t have a receiver.

Pros of 902CG

  • Complete 360 degree vertical and horizontal coverage, unlike the 901cg.
  • Greater working distance- those 35 extra feet could really make the difference

Cons of 902CG

  • Shorter advertised battery life than the 901CG, and this is a big concern amongst reviewers on Amazon
  • Slightly more expensive. I think if you do not need a vertical 360-degree beam, why would you spend more money on it?
  • Other reviews I have come across have expressed concern that the device turns off at random and needs to be reactivated, which, when working over long distances, is not ideal.

Who should buy each product?

Knowing which of these products to purchase is essential because you don’t want to waste money on features you don’t need. But you don’t want to buy something, only for it to be missing crucial features.

If you are working outdoors or on a small job site, and you only need a 360-degree horizontal beam, I would recommend the 901CG.

The bright green lasers are visible outdoors at close range, and with a longer battery life than the 902CG you will not constantly have to be running for the extension cord to recharge it.

If you are working outdoors on a larger site, or if you are tiling multiple walls at the same time on an indoor job, I think the 902CG is more suitable.

You really don’t want your laser to come up short, and so if you are doing a big job like laying down roads or railway tracks, the extra 35 feet of working distance offered by the 902CG is indispensable.

Additionally, if you are working indoors and you need the laser beam to be on the ceiling, let’s say for tiles, then you will find extra value in the 902CG’s vertical 360 degree laser beam that you will not find with a 901CG.

Both the 901CG and 902CG are excellent products, and I hope this article has made clear which one you should buy to fulfill your needs.

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